1. Get off Automatic Mode - Masterclass

  • Kenilworth, Coventry or Solihull 45 Hathaway Road Coventry, England, CV4 9HW United Kingdom

Photography Masterclass Series

These photography classes are bite-sized lessons on specific topics.  They range between two and three hours and run on an ongoing 8 week cycle.  Classes will held in one of three locations, Kenilworth, Coventry or Solihull, depending on the demand.

They suitable for any level of photographer but it is advised that you attend in the order listed or at least have a good understanding of the first modules before going onto complete the more specialised classes.  

These are the perfect refresher class and are also suitable for anyone who has already attended a photography course with myself as each class contains new material and we are able to get more in-depth on specific topics and brush up on your areas of understanding.

Each class is approximate 2-3hrs and runs on a weekday evening on a rolling 10-12 week basis. Locations for the classes will be set based on the preferences of those booking so the dates, days and locations listed may be subject to change to suit who has booked.

  1. Get off Automatic Mode - Exposure Explained
  2. Creative Composition - Develop your creative eye and understanding
  3. DSLR Craft - Get to grips with Metering, Focusing, White Balance and more
  4. Filters & Bracketing - Understand Dynamic Range and RAW Vs JPG
  5. Getting started with Adobe Lightroom an introduction and basic walkthrough
  6. Portrait Photography - Learn how to take better portrait photos
  7. Black & White Photography - Understand the visual building blocks of mono
  8. Landscape Photography - Art of the landscape - a visual guide
  9. Macro - Close-up Photography - Theory and practical workshop
  10. Image sharing - final refinement, exporting, sizing, framing and uploading/selling
  11. How to get organised and stay organised in Lightroom
  12. Creative editing - An introduction and masterclass in NIK plug-ins suite
  13. How to choose and setup up your DSLR and use it effectively
  14. Camera and kit care - a complete walkthrough and best practise advice
  15. Photo Critiques  - Bring your photos for Alan to review and critique.

Classes can be booked individually or book a block to receive a discount.  Dates can be arranged to suit so no need to take classes consecutively when booking a block.

You can also book photo critique nights to follow up an earlier masterclass and share your photos with Alan for feedback and critique.

1. Get of Automatic Mode - Exposure Explained

This is the first step towards taking more control of the camera and the effects of using one of the manual exposure modes instead of Automatic.

Alan will walk you through what each setting means and how it changes the appearance of subjects in your photo's so you can decide how you want to portray things.

This lesson will explain the Exposure Triangle in detail and also give you a greater insight into the photographic workflow with examples and illustrations of how using different settings can help you make images beyond the normal visual recognition of the human eye.

Photography Masterclass
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Equipment needed

Optional - a USB stick with some images on.

Venue & attendance

  • The class will run at Solihull or Kenilworth if 5-8 attendees
  • The class will run at home in Coventry if less than 5 attendees

Is this for me?

This class is suitable for beginners who are new to editing photos or want to see how Lightroom can produce effective improvements quickly and easily


This class will enable you to start recognising and correcting the mistakes you might have made in camera.  In addition you will be able to quickly enhance your image without becoming a Photoshop expert.

How you will learn

  • The class will be delivered by Alan using Powerpoint 
  • Max 12 places for the class

Class Content

  • The photographic workflow
  • Exposure Explained
  • Tips and advice
photography course

photography course