Learn photography from a professional with your own personal photography mentor

The personal photography mentor programme will teach you how to improve your images with a tailored and structured approach to your development.

Whatever your ambition or level, your work will be assessed and tracked, identifying areas to improve on and reviewed on a regular 1-2-1 basis.  You will be given personalised assignments and targets to work towards with full support, advice and feedback throughout a 12 month period.

Your personal photography mentor, (About your tutor)  Alan Ranger will discuss with you your aims and objectives for photographic achievement, be it a recognised qualification or personal development in photography skills.

Your current level and experience doesn't matter as Alan will adapt the assignments, photography lessons and feedback according to where you are now and where you want to get to.

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Learn Photography on - Premium Mentoring Photography Service

An individual photography training service to help you realise your potential starting at any level

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Personal Photography Mentor - 1 year
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Pay Monthly for 12 months

Pay your monthly subscription using the "Subscribe" below or set-up a standing order from your bank to:  Alan Ranger ~ Halifax ~ 11 00 01 ~ 08281711

No refunds are available or option to cancel payments as this is a commitment to improve which is best achieved over a longer period of time and should not be assessed in a short time period.

Personal Photography Mentor - Monthly Subscription
60.00 every month for 1 year

Is this for me?

Is this for me?

Learn Photography with a Photography Mentor

Learn Photography with a Photography Mentor

Open to any level of photographer as everyone is mentored individually to their capability and ambition on any genre of photography or for any purpose.  This service doesn't have to be restricted to purely photographic elements.  You may be someone who is starting out as a professional photographer part or full-time and need input and advice on all aspects of providing a service from website design and SEO, legal issues and best practise processes or simply creating a brand and style for your work.

How you will improve

  • Individual portfolio assessment with progress tracking on key areas of camera skill & composition

  • Personalised assignments, targets and areas to work on with advice and support to help you improve

  • Can be tailored to support a specific objective - qualification, business proposition or just your hobby

  • Honest feedback with friendly advice and suggestions on how to improve every shot

  • Research, analysis and discussion of other "well regarded" artists in your areas of interest with photo analysis on technique, style and composition

  • Recommendations for reading and broadening your understanding

  • Can be done remotely, wherever you are based

  • Flexible - you have the option for face to face reviews or over the phone or Skype


  • A computer with an internet connection

  • Dropbox - used for image uploads (free account)

  • A commitment for 12 months to improve

  • A DSLR or Bridge camera

  • Adobe Lightroom for image processing

  • Ideally a Skype account for phone reviews and screen sharing

How it works

How it works

  • The service starts with a discussion on your personal ambitions, targets and objectives for the 12 months

  • You provide a portfolio of work for review and analysis via Dropbox

  • A 1 hour consultation takes place to review and identify areas for development.

  • Alan provides a table of areas of improvement and also areas of proficiency

  • Alan provides a programme of targeted areas for improvement with suggestions

  • In consultation with you, Alan prepares a personalised assignment- this will be tailored to your preferences, key areas for development and lifestyle

  • You work on the individual assignment using tips, advice and practise

  • You timetable a 1hr review session with Alan, face to face or over the phone

  • Reviews and assignments are targeted every 6 weeks

  • You receive personal feedback on assignment, portfolio development and skill areas demonstrated and areas to continue working on.

  • Course, workshops, master classes and 1-2-1 tuition can be used to support and accelerate your progression.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Receive a 10% discount on any event to support your development & progression (not applicable to discounted events or those on pick n mix programme)

Cost and Commitment

Cost & Commitment

  • 12 month programme to assess, advise, teach and track progress

  • £600 up front payment for the year or 12 x £60 per month by standing order/Paypal/PicknMix Plan

  • Work to be completed and submitted approx. every 6 - 8 weeks

  • 6 reviews in 12 months - face to face or phone/Skype

  • 12 month commitment - no cancellation/refund once started - full cost becomes due once service is started

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