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Photography Tuition Package

Choose from a range of courses, workshops,  and more for photography pick n mix package where the cost is spread, photography tuition package for all 

 photography tuition packages

Pick n Mix Photography Tuition to spread the cost and improve your skills

If you are serious about improving your photography skills and creative eye and intend on doing a number of events, courses, workshops or programmes then I can create a tailored package when booked all together rather than booking separate events.

Contact Alan Ranger for an initial chat about what you may like to include and he will prepare a draft Pick N Mix package for you to review.

Each tuition selection is tailored to your needs and how you want to learn. 

A Pick N Mix photography package can contain courses, workshops, mentoring and even support services.

5 good reasons to choose a photography Pick N Mix Package

1. Reduce expenditure – save up to 20% on the normal booking price.

2. Spread the cost of tuition and support - pay over a 12 month period or less for discounts and at 0% interest.

3. A personalised plan - structure the package to your preferred style of learning.

4. Attend events when you want, rather than when you can afford to.

5. Ensure you get the right balance between practical and theoretical tuition, enabling your progress in photographic proficiency.

Choosing your package

The gap between events can be chosen to match your pace of learning and availability. Alan will assist you by designing a range of theory, practical, location and classroom based events.

Next steps and booking

After an initial chat through your ideas, Alan will work on tailoring a draft plan suitable to your time, budget and learning techniques. 

This plan will include prices for you to review - once agreed, you will make your first payment by setting up a subscription or standing order.

You will then be able to start booking and attending your chosen events.

To discuss your package, feel free to call Alan on:  07817017994



How it Works

Pick N Mix Package Options

Pick N Mix photography package

Pick a range of courses, workshops and services to support your photography development for 1 year.

Alan will provide you a plan template to complete together so you can see the mix, cost and savings made on each item.

Decide on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription - all interest free

Plans must reach minimum value levels to qualify for quarterly or annual payment and discount.

Items can be added to your plan during the 12 months and the pricing will be adjusted pro-rata.

All plans include a telephone consultation.

Tuition Package minimum package price for discounts