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Creating audio visuals has been something I have done from the early days of being interested in photography.  

My love and passion for music together with imagery seems to be the perfect mix of being able to express what I feel about the images and the mood they convey.  Some of my courses,  photography classes and photography lessons set the assignment for clients to put their images to music too, this invariably results in inspiring and often emotive creations as you will see from a sample of the client examples posted here.


Follow Me Home- Audio visual of seascape images of the uk

Follow Me Home- Audio visual of seascape images of the uk
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Devon seascapes There are few places in the UK that provide the drama and excitement that I feel every time I visit Devon. The rugged coastline and dramatic tides give a real mix of tranquillity and danger in the space of minutes - the powerful force of nature is never more evident than along this coastline.