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Creating audio visuals has been something I have done from the early days of being interested in photography.  

My love and passion for music together with imagery seems to be the perfect mix of being able to express what I feel about the images and the mood they convey.  Some of my courses,  photography classes and photography lessons set the assignment for clients to put their images to music too, this invariably results in inspiring and often emotive creations as you will see from a sample of the client examples posted here.


Fall and Rise Again

Fall and Rise Again
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As many of you know I am inspired and use music for many of my creations, both out in the field and back at my desk when processing and polishing.  This latest AV was inspired by two great artists.  Damien Rice has been top of my favourite artists for a decade or so, his passion, artistry, ethics and lyrics always inspire and resonate with me, personally of course.  I can't attribute this AV just to him as a new artist has come to my attention (Taylor Davis)  that shows great spirit so have used her music for this short interpretation.

Make time to watch the artists too:

Damien Rice  I Don’t Want To Change You - Shame about the wonky horizon though

Taylor Davis He's a pirate