Join the campaign to save this precious landscape location

Join the campaign to save this precious landscape location

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Responsible department: Department for Communities and Local Government

We ask HM Government to take all necessary steps to save Chesterton Windmill. This 350-year-old Grade 1 listed building stands sentinel over rolling agricultural land acknowledged to be of high landscape value in South Warwickshire. A core strategy plan has been approved by Stratford District Council which would sanction the building of a settlement of 3,000 houses in the environment of the mill. If this proposal is approved the pastoral backdrop to the mill on the southern horizon will be destroyed and the setting of a monument of national importance will be irretrievably degraded to the detriment of the enjoyment of present and future generations forever.

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Limited Edition Save Chesterton Postcards 

Help to save Chesterton by helping to distribute these postcards with links to the e-petition and audio visual.  

The facts

What? A 3,000 house 'New Town' is being proposed on land in view of Chesterton Windmill

Why?  We need new houses.

Who? It's part of Stratford District Council's Core Strategy Plan

When? Building would start in 2015

Where? Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath rural land that the Chesterton Windmill overlooks.

Why oppose this?

There are many reasons why we believe this proposal should be opposed.  Ranging from suitability to sustainability.  Stratford District Council (SDC) have pressed on with these proposals regardless of opposition and legal advice that the plan is unsound.  

As a landscape photographer I, like thousands of other members of the public, have enjoyed frequent visits to this iconic monument in our region.  As someone who is passionate about our countryside, ecology and the biological balance on our planet I believe we need to protect these precious rural  spaces.

We are not opposed to building houses, but we do believe that we and SDC also have a responsibility to preserve and safeguard places of outstanding natural beauty for us and future generations to enjoy.

There are good viable brownfield alternatives to this site and also the option of dispersing the house building program around the area without causing a detrimental impact to the environment, traffic and pollution, the beautiful views from the windmill and importantly destroying a vital part of this 350 year old heritage site.

What you can do to support

I would welcome all of the photography community who have a track record for care and love of our planets natural beauty to join voices and speak out together "loudly" against the proposal for the housing development on this land.

The Windmill is a scheduled ancient monument of national importance and this petition offers the opportunity for voices to be heard from those in the wider community who care about preserving our heritage

We do not have long to raise awareness and prevent this so it's imperative that you act today by doing the following:

  1. Sign the e-petition and encourage others to do so immediately
  2. Share posts and news on this issue on Facebook, Twitter, Google and your social networks
  3. Email me with your address details if you can distribute the Save Chesterton post cards
  4. Make a donation to help cover the costs of printing, postage and media.
  5. Get 10 other people to sign the e-petition.

Others campaigning against this proposal

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If you would like to contribute any amount to support the campaign please use the donate button - all monies will be used to support printing, postage and the online campaign.