Top 10 Tips - To Better Landscapes Sneak Peak

Top 10 Tips - To Better Landscapes Sneak Peak
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Pocket Guides: Top 10 Tips - To Better Landscapes Sneak Peak

One of my favourite genres of photography is landscape photography, allowing us to capture the beauty of a vista in a single shot. Anyone can take photos of the landscape, utilising meadows, hills, sunsets; anything can make a shot look beautiful if you know what you’re doing.

To help you out, here’s a sneak peak at my tips to creating better landscape photographs!


Preparing for photography is the first step to undertaking any genre of this great art. Before even stepping out of your door, there’s so much you can do to ensure you have the best possible chance of producing something awe-inspiring.

  • Check weather forecasts

  • Check tide times

  • Scout out the area

  • Plan what shots you want to take

It’s important, for safety reasons too, that you research the location thoroughly as it will help you recognise points of interest of what and where to shoot. 

When making notes remember to be open to new ideas you think of on site. You may think of something wonderful that isn't on your list so take the idea and run with it!


Even though having the best equipment isn't always necessary, it certainly does help you create the most original and dynamic of shots. For landscape photography, I always carry the following equipment along on my excursions.

Tripods are a must-have for any photographer, regardless of what you’re shooting. They give that needed stability if you’re taking photos for long periods of time & gives you a sharper shot. Cable releases are also handy if you need a steadier image. 

If you’re shooting in the UK, remember how unpredictable the weather can be. If it looks like it might rain, wear the appropriate clothing and make sure you stay warm and dry!

You can even see the equipment I recommend in my Amazon store!


Practise is going to help you master the art of landscape photography, allowing you to figure out what works for you and how you can make the most of your surroundings. Remember to mix it up and try new things such as:

  • Shooting through different seasons

  • Shooting at different times of day

  • Shooting in different weather

  • Shooting in different styles – Macro, abstract etc…

By trying these different techniques whilst you explore the world of landscape photography, you’ll discover that the same location can produce unlimited numbers of beautiful photographs.

Becoming familiar with a location will help you avoid mistakes and give you the challenge to approach it differently. You’ll be amazing at how the tone and mood of a location can change if you only change your perspective.

I’ll be running a photography workshop in many parts of the UK, where the landscape is always changing with the seasons.  Why not join me?

These are just three tips that can be utilised during landscape photography to greatly enhance the quality of your shots. I cover 10 tips in total in my pocket guide, Top 10 Tips – To Better Landscapes. These pocket guides are great to take on the move in case you need that little bit of guidance during your shoots. There’s 7 pocket guides in total with 3 more on the way and are all filled with useful titbits of advice.

I look forward to seeing how these tips can help you improve your landscape photography skills!