Learn Photography this year

Learn Photography this year
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Do you want to improve your photography in 2017?

I'm pretty sure there will be a unanimous yes to that question so the obvious follow up is HOW do you intend to achieve this?

I recently sent out a mailshot asking clients if they would be interested in any of the enquiries I get on a frequent basis for weddings and other events.  As you all probably know this is not an area I want to expand into so felt it would be helpful to those enquiring and those who have attended formal tuition with me to put each other in touch.

Whilst I was encouraged and if honest surprised at the number of responses back from clients, past and present, who expressed interest in these enquiries I did wonder to myself how many were really equipped to take on fee paying commissions.  I don't want to chastise anyone who feels they "think" they can provide a professional service as I know everyone starts from nothing and gradually builds up their portfolio and credentials.

With that in mind, I want to emphasise the importance of not just owning the right equipment, knowing more than the average person when it comes to image making and indeed having plenty of accolades when it comes to your images on social media that providing professional photography services is so much more than the above,

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Lao Tzu

It takes 2,000 steps to complete 1 mile so a thousand miles to complete 2 million steps!  It has taken me 15 years of experience going through amateaur awards and then professional qualifications to become a professional photography practitioner.  The credentials are not important but the journey and experience have been essential to improving my eye, craft, understanding and ability to sell my services as a qualified professional photography teacher.

If you google us, there are not many of us around who have "bothered" to become qualified in our field and qualified in our practice.  The market is awash with "weekend shooters" who believe that the number of likes on social media and comments from friends and family qualify them to be able to sell their services.  Of course they are right - the public "generically" are unaware of technique, creative style or indeed professionalism beyond turning up with a DSLR and being hired at a budget price.

I for one, do not think that is sustainable economic proposition but then I depend wholly on income from photography.  So i respect and support anyone who wishes to turn their hobby/passion and enthusiasm into something that provides them with extra income but strongly advise them that they should take what they do seriously and present themselves as such or not bother at all.

 For those who really are serious about turning their photography into something beyond a past-time, beit professional services or simply selling images then I would suggest you consider accelerating that thousand mile journey by taking on personal mentoring.

Learn Photography - With a Personal Mentoring Service


Is this for me?

Open to any level of photographer as everyone is mentored individually to their capability and ambition on any genre of photography or for any purpose.  This service doesn't have to be restricted to purely photographic elements.  You may be someone who is starting out as a professional photographer part or full-time and need input and advice on all aspects of providing a service from website design and SEO, legal issues and best practise processes or simply creating a brand and style for your work.

You may simply want to create a project for the next 12 months and want my input, beit to create a calendar, achieve a photographic award/qualification or concentrate your photography in one particular direction.

Have a bias towards action - let's see something happen now.


Even if you are not one of those who is keen to turn your interest into something that you charge for I can provide a varied and extensive way to learn and improve your photography skills with workshops, masterclasses and courses.  These can be combined on a pick n mix plan so you can also spread the cost of photography tuition over the year and get a discount off the normal prices.

If you really want to improve your photography in 2017 then take that next step and call me to discuss the best events, options and ways you can improve quickly. 0781 701 7994