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Fill up your stockings with Top Tip Pocket Photography Guides-33% Off

Fill up your stockings with Top Tip Pocket Photography Guides-33% Off
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Photography Tips - Pocket Guides Series

The series of A7 photography pocket guides are designed to easily sit inside your camera bag.

The quick reference z-cards unfold to reveal Alan's top tips, insights and reminders covering all the things it's easy to forget and not understand when out with the camera.

Having the pocket guides with you is like taking Alan with you to shoot and get those reminders and tuition on the spot when you need it most.

33% off - Great for any level of photographer

 Top Tip photography Guides

Top Tip photography Guides

Fill up your stockings with Top Tip Pocket Photography Guides - 33% Off - £3.99

  • #01 Top 10 - Camera Mistakes - Do you make these common mistakes on your camera? Find out how to avoid them with these tips.

  • #02 Top 10 Tips - To make a photograph - Adopt this workflow to taking photographs and you will improve your shots every time.

  • #03 Top 10 Tips - To explain exposure - Not sure of what aperture or shutter speed to use? This will explain all with the help of charts & tables

  • #04 Top 10 Tips - To better composition - Struggle to make the photo you see? This will guide through the secrets of good composition

  • #05 Top 10 Tips - To better portraits - Tired of seeing straight portrait shots. This will show you how to make compelling portraits.

  • #06 Top 10 Tips - To better landscapes - This pocket guide will teach you the ten essentials to making amazing landscape photographs

  • #07 Top 10 Tips - To better B&W photos - Learn how to improve your colour shots as much as your B&W. Discover the essentials of light & tone.

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