What is the best class for me?


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There are a range of ways to learn photography whatever level you are at.  Everybody learns in different ways, which is why there is a choice of classroom style tuition lasting several weeks in the evenings to 1/2 day and full weekend location based workshops.


For those who want to understand the theory and do some practical exercises in the classroom and their own time then the Courses and Photography Mentoring are ideal. 


If you are one of those people that learns by putting theory into practice and would prefer to have on the spot help and tuition at the point of taking your photos then the photographic location workshops may suit you better.


All workshops are open and suited to ANY level from complete beginner to serious photographer as they are limited to just 6 students to ensure that everyone receives personalised one to one tuition when it counts.


The Classes are designed to teach you everything from the basic foundations to more advanced techniques and an understanding of how to capture and produce better images.



A beginner is someone who has a digital camera that has some or all of the manual exposure modes on their camera (aperture priority, shutter priority, manual) but has been shooting in Auto mode.

The emphasis is teaching you how and why you should shoot using the other modes on your camera and making sure you understand the basic ingredients to getting great and consistent results.



You will already possess a good understanding of your camera and already be shooting using the manual exposure modes of aperture and shutter priority.  If you're looking to move to the next level then there are a range of inspirational photographic courses, workshops and mentoring that help you extend your knowledge and technique and build greater confidence.


Even if you are an advanced photographer and have knowledge and experience there is always something new to learn.  There is always a new genre of photography to learn, a technique or just the desire to lift your game to the professional level.  Whatever your motivation the Workshops and Courses provide you a way to achieve this in small groups where 1-2-1 support and tuition is guaranteed.  Or alternatively you may wish to book private photography tuition directly with Alan and spend the time exactly how you wish to.