Intermediates Intentions Project Photography Course

Intermediates Intentions Project Photography Course


Embark on a six-month photography project and showcase your images in a public exhibition

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Alan Ranger Photography
Alan Ranger Photography
Intermediates Intentions Project Photography Course

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Intermediates “Intentions" Photography Portfolio Course -Level 2 - £495

This 6 month course (10 classes) is for intermediate photographers who want the opportunity to advance their skill set and publicly display their pictures in a gallery or just work on a photo project/body of work.

  • Exposure

  • Camera Settings

  • Composition

  • Equipment needed


  • All evening classes start at 19:00 and finish at 21:15

  • Please allow yourself 15mins for parking and being ready to start on time.


Provisional so can be flexed to suit attendees

All dates are provisionally Wednesday evenings but can be flexed based on the groups availability and flexibility to suit.


  • Places x 4 - Typically 3-4 attendees

  • In order for a class or the whole course to go ahead, there must be a minimum of three clients booked for that particular date. Should there be insufficient interest, alternative dates will be offered.


You will attend as follows:

Note: If you miss a night you can liaise with Alan in-between for reviews and feedback.

  • 3 nights every two weeks for first 6 weeks.

  • 3 nights - 1 a month for next 3 months

  • 3 nights every two weeks for last 6 weeks

  • 1 night VIP event / Exhibition


  • Select Intentions Course from the dropdown menu on booking option.

  • If you are interested in spreading the cost of a number of events (courses/workshops/tuition service) over a 12 month period, interest free, take a look at my Pick n Mix Plans. You will receive a discount on this course cost and any other events you choose as part of a 12 month photography tuition package Minimum commitment is £43 a month (£525pa).


  • Please read my terms and conditions before booking as you will be bound by them upon receipt of money paid.

  • Cancellation less than 4wks prior to event date - no refund

  • No show on the event - loss of place/money

  • Rebooking fee applies for changing class date if less than 4 weeks before event date or for re-booking a missed class.


Course content

  • Design a photographic project - themed or a cross section of techniques and styles

  • Learn how to write a statement of intent and artist statement

  • Plan your photographic project with locations and concepts to discuss with Alan

  • Bring pieces of work back to the class for input on processing and professional edits

  • Learn to perfect new techniques and improve on existing knowledge

  • Learn how to prepare images for printing and exhibiting

  • Collaborate with other participants on the course

  • Help to organise and manage an end of course optional exhibition of work with a VIP opening night for friends and family to attend.

 Is this for me?

This course is ideal for any photographer who wants to work on a project to produce a new body of work that has coherence and is created from a clear intention about narrative, vision and personal style and interpretation of a subject matter.


Level 2 - Aimed at:

  • Intermediates who have completed at least Level 1 Photography and Level 1 Lightroom courses or have equivalent/better knowledge and experience.

  • You will be competent with camera operations, exposure and general composition

  • You will be comfortable using Adobe Lightroom or equivalent packages to edit your photos as needed. (Alan will provide on-going support and demonstrations of editing techniques throughout the course)

  • You will be proficient with exporting, resizing and uploading photographs to Dropbox and maintaining up to date project files.

Included with the class

  • Course Powerpoint and project files

  • Tea & Coffee during the class

Equipment needed

  • A Dropbox Account

  • Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer/laptop at home for editing

  • You do not need to bring a computer or camera to the class

  • Microsoft Powerpoint at home for maintaining project files



  • Alan Ranger Photography

  • 45 Hathaway Road

  • Tile Hill Village

  • Coventry, CV4 9HW

  • Parking - spaces for 3 cars on or at bottom of drive, else use available street parking




The opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing ideas and evolve your interpretation of photography is all yours if you are willing to put in the work and commitment.

The optional end of course exhibition is a great experience where you can gain knowledge of the printing, framing, pricing process and gain first hand experience of putting a number of pieces into a public exhibition.

Past attendees have gone on to use their Intentions Panel towards a photographic distinction with the RPS.

How you will learn

You will work collaboratively in a small group of fellow participants and Alan to design your project and intention for a body of work that results in a panel of images that are themed and created in the same style. Your eye, technique, composition and editing will all improve and develop as a result of working on a single idea over six months.

You will receive input, feedback and suggestions at each class on your project and individual images.

Alan will also demonstrate re-editing techniques and ideas for possible enhancement.

Alan is passionate about photography and a qualified photography tutor. He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally and has also been awarded in numerous prestigious national and international photography competitions.

Alan has also developed his own bodies of work as personal projects so understands what is needed and will be sharing his own experience and imparting as much knowledge to you as possible.

Remember to check any of my special offers that are being run to get the discount code before checking out. Alan Ranger Photography also provides 1-2-1 tuition on any range of topics for individuals and the best photography consultancy service service for anyone or organisation wanting something more than a one-off lesson.

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