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Alan Ranger provide photography tuition services to photographers of all levels and experience.  Enjoy, learn photography and create better photos by signing up to some of Alan's Photography Courses, Photography Workshops or maybe having private photography lessons or online photographic mentoring.

#02 Top 10 Tips - To make a photograph

#02 Top 10 Tips - To make a photograph


This pocket guide will provide you 10 tips to put a consistent workflow together for taking photographs

  • Each step is in a logical sequence for you to follow
  • They will ensure you avoid all the typical mistakes
  • When followed frequently these steps will become a discipline
  • Adopt the steps that professionals use to take photos

All these steps and more are covered in this easy to understand pocket tips guide.


Pocket Guide Information

  • The Pocket Guides are (w) 10.5cm x (h) 7cm
  • They are laminated and produced on high quality card so remain water resistant
  • Each guide comes with a plastic card sleeve for storing and protection
  • The pocket guide is in a z-card format so is easy to use and open when you are on a shoot 
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