#01 Top 10 - Camera Mistakes

#01 camera mistakes.png
#01 camera mistakes.png

#01 Top 10 - Camera Mistakes


This pocket guide will provide you 10 tips to avoid the most common mistakes that beginners make with their camera.

  • Do you get blurry pictures?
  • Struggle to focus?
  • Colours look wrong in the photo?
  • Photo lacks quality?

All these issues and more are covered in this easy to understand and fix tips pocket guide.


Pocket Guide Information

  • The Pocket Guides are (w) 10.5cm x (h) 7cm
  • They are laminated and produced on high quality card so remain water resistant
  • Each guide comes with a plastic card sleeve for storing and protection
  • The pocket guide is in a z-card format so is easy to use and open when you are on a shoot 


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