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Photography classes, photography lessons for beginners to advanced, Photography Courses for all levels in Kenilworth, Coventry and Solihull

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  • Photography Classes are one-off lessons, 2.5-3 hrs in length

  • Photography Courses are weekly classes run over a number of weeks/months

  • Photography Masterclasses are one-off 2.5 hr topic lessons

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Using the Photography Course Finder

There are a wide range of photography courses near you if you live within commutable distance of Coventry, Kenilworth or Solihull. The Photography Course Finder Filter contains details of all of these courses and classes.

 You can use Photography Course Finder in four different ways:

  1. You can look for a course on a particular subject - Tag

  2. You can browse courses at specific venues - Select by location

  3. You can browse courses by Level (experience) - Category

  4. You can select any combination of the three options to filter by a specific location/tag/category.

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