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RPS Distinction Course - Enrol Anytime - 16/10

  • Coventry 45 Hathaway Road Coventry, England, CV4 9HP United Kingdom (map)
45 Hathaway RoadCoventry, England, CV4 9HPUnited Kingdom
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RPS Mentoring Photography Course
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RPS Mentoring Photography Course
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RPS Distinction Course £395

Level 2 - Intermediates

Are you interested in gaining a photographic distinction?

The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. 

Read the Description/Content Tab for detailed information.

*Note: Your tutor, Alan Ranger holds both the RPS's Licentiate and Associate Distinctions, but this Course is not accredited by the RPS. This not an approved course or endorsed by the RPS as an organisation. Alan’s advice is private, unofficial and based on his experience and understanding of the elements required to reach the standard that may result in being awarded a distinction, without any guarantee.


  • All classes start at 19:00 and finish at 21:00

  • Please allow yourself 10 mins for parking and being ready to start on time.

  • You are welcome to arrive and leave at any point during the class. It may suit you to arrive at the start and leave after your review or later. You are not obliged to sit in on others reviews though this does actually help with your own panel and development.


  • These classes run on a regular basis - A full list of dates available are shown here

  • You will book six classes in a twelve month period from start date. (no need to specify all six up-front, just book your first date and then let me know future class dates when you are ready.)

  • There are options to extend beyond twelve months and/or take additional classes if required.

  • It is anticipated that there will be two date options a month to ensure an even distribution of attendees and provide flexibility for days of week/time of month.


  • Places x 12 clients enrolled at any point. This helps to ensure that monthly classes have sufficient attendees to run but leaves enough scope that you shouldn’t need to wait more than one month to attend a class.

  • You can enrol whenever it suits you as classes will be ongoing every month.

  • Each class will have a minimum of two and maximum of four participants, therefore planning your class reviews in advance is important.

  • Choose any six classes in a 12 month period to suit your pace and availability


  • Please read my terms and conditions before booking as you will be bound by them upon receipt of money paid.

  • Cancellation of a class less than 1wk prior to event date - you may lose that class from your count of six if it impacts the class running due to numbers.

  • No show on the event - loss of class from your six

  • Rebooking fee applies for changing class date if less than 1 week before event date or for re-booking a missed class. £25

  • A distinction pass cannot be guaranteed.

  • If you decide to not continue with the classes you will not be entitled to any refund.



Having supported many clients through a journey of development and improvement, with their photography, over the past few years, this new course is for those who already technically competent (or at least are on the path to mastering it) and are able to demonstrate good design and composition in their photography.

You are not expected to be a master or even polished to attend.  This course is to help support you in improving in all three areas of image production:

  1. Technical - The mechanics of it

  2. Creativity - The reason for it

  3. Output - The editing and publication of it

Distinction Group - Format and Tuition

  • Small group setting at my home - Coventry

  • Images projected on to large TV screen

  • Dropbox used for updated portfolios and images

  • Group collaboration and sharing

  • 2hrs - 7pm - 9:00pm classes on monthly basis - Option to attend/leave when it suits you - you pick six class dates within 12 months

  • Advice on individual basis throughout

  • Support for panel ideas, layout and coherence

  • Technical and creative critique with suggestions for improvement

  • Support for L and A panel submissions process

  • Support for DPI or Printing quality and formats

  • Support for RPS Advisory Days


  • Requires 10 images which reflect your ability as a photographer.

  • The panel can be a mixed subjects but should demonstrate a range of competencies.

  • Can be submitted as prints or DPI


  • Requires a body of work (15) images of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent.

  • Fine Art Photography: Will consist of photography produced to fulfil the creative vision of the photographer in expressing and sharing perceptions or emotions.

  • The panel has to be coherent and the same subject matter/style

  • Can be submitted as prints or DPI


Aimed at: Intermediates

This course is aimed at Intermediate Level Photographers who have completed the Beginners Photography & Lightroom Courses or have equivalent skills and knowledge already. Ideally you will have also completed the intermediates photography and Lightroom courses too. Many of the clients on this course have produced images as part of the Intentions Course and therefore are ready for the Associates Level distinction with the RPS

You will be expected to understand and demonstrate or be willing to learn;

  • Good exposure of photographs

  • Good compositional awareness

  • A range of techniques and styles (L)

  • Ability to edit images to a "reasonable" standard.

Over the course of 12 months, where you will attend six classes at intervals suited to you, there will be professional input, feedback and support to help you progress towards either the A or L distinction with the RPS. 

Whilst the success of a distinction cannot be guaranteed, every effort will be made to ensure you enter only when ready and once feedback has been received from a number of qualified persons.

There will also be an option to extend the course beyond twelve months if required.

Included with the class

  • Personal reviews and critiques on your photos with suggestions for editing

  • Advice on shots needed to build a panel for distinction

  • Tea & Coffee

Equipment needed

  • You will need to have a Dropbox account (free if under a certain capacity/size)

  • Bring note paper and pen for making notes

Next Steps

  1. Consider if an RPS Distinction is something you want to achieve

  2. Consider if you can commit to up to six classes over the next 12 months

  3. Consider if you can make the time to shoot the images needed for a panel

  4. Consider the benefits of being in a distinctions group and collaborating/learning

  5. Consider how this process will develop you and your photographic skills/knowledge

If you feel answered positively to those five considerations then this is a good opportunity for you to enrol in this programme. 

Please feel welcome to contact me first if you would like to discuss your suitability



  • Alan Ranger Photography

  • 45 Hathaway Road

  • Tile Hill Village

  • Coventry, CV4 9HW

  • Parking - spaces for 3 cars on or at bottom of drive, else use available street parking




This course will improve your photography through creating consistent standards and look and feel to your images.  This "may" result in an RPS Distinction which will show you achieved this standard but this is not guaranteed as it will be down to the RPS judges on the day to assess your panel.

How you will learn

Alan Ranger is passionate about photography and a qualified photography tutor. He will engage you in discussion and be more than willing to answer as many questions as possible on the night.

  1. You will be given constructive feedback on the night for you to takeaway and implement on existing and new images.

  2. Alan will use Lightroom and NIK to help demonstrate editing adjustments and ideas and will discuss the merits of individual images and portfolio/panel suitability.

  3. You will be able to compare and see how others panels are progressing and learn from group collaboration and ideas from each other.

Remember to check any of my special offers that are being run to get the discount code before checking out. Alan Ranger Photography also provides 1-2-1 tuition on any range of topics for individuals and the best photography consultancy service for anyone or organisation wanting something more than a one-off lesson.