Lightroom Photography Course - Sep 11

  • Solihull (Bentley Heath) 135 Mill Lane Solihull, B93 8NY United Kingdom

Adobe Lightroom photography course - Jun 13

The dates for this are flexible and can be changed to a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and start a week later if needs be.  Please phone to check the latest situation as the course is dependent on uptake and what suits those who have actually booked onto it.

  • 4 consecutive Thu evenings for 3hrs each week.  If you can't make one (but only one) week then you can attend a future course for the missed week.

This 4 week course is to give beginners the opportunity to learn how to professionally develop photos using Adobe Lightroom and other editing software.

lightroom course

Course content

  • Use Adobe Lightroom on a laptop computer
  • Learn how to organise, catalogue, keyword and rate your photos
  • Learn how to implement an efficient workflow to photo management and editing
  • Learn what the Lightroom modules do and how to configure them
  • Learn what the various editing options are and how to use them
  • Learn how to keep your original intention intact so photo editing remains the polish rather than surgery on your photos
  • Learn how to create a slideshow, print and publish your photos on-line

During this 4 week course we will cover the following topics.

Library Module: 

  • Importing your images from camera or card to Lightroom
  • Organising your folders and images
  • Creating  pre-sets, captions and key wording your images
  • Organising in collections and using the extensive search features
  • Using flags, filters and star ratings to improve your workflow and efficiency

Develop Module:

  • Reading the histogram
  • White balance adjustment
  • Tone adjustments and exposure corrections
  • Contrast, clarity, vibrance and saturation
  • Using tone curves to create the right contrast and tonality in your images
  • HSL/Colour/B&W adjustments
  • Sharpening and noise reduction
  • Lens corrections to remove those distortions
  • Cropping and straightening, aspect ratios
  • Spot removal - cloning and healing
  • Graduated filters, adjustment brush tool and radial filter


  • Exporting images
  • File formats and their usages
  • Size and resolution
  • Printing
  • Creating slideshows and books
  • Publish services to improve and manage versions

Is this for me?

Aimed at novices, this course is for those who don’t want to become experts in Photoshop, but would like to learn the basic methods for a simple edit.


Alan's approach to photography is to get as much right in camera as possible so that you have the best digital negative possible.  Photo editing is not about re-engineering or completely repainting a photo - it's enhancement and toning to emphasise the existing tone and light in your original photo.

Gain an understanding of the workflow process, from idea to complete photograph.

Use Adobe Lightroom’s modules and editing options for simple retouching, such as: enhancing tones, adjusting contrast and achieving focus.

Learn how to use the software to organise, rank and tag your photos.

Showcase a portfolio of your work via a slideshow, print photos or on-line publication.

How you will learn

Sessions are delivered in small, friendly seminars.

Alan will give you tips on advanced camera techniques to use, before moving on to the computer.

Once working on Lightroom, you will undertake assignments designed to gain familiarity with the software’s multiple functions.

Equipment needed

  • Laptop: Adobe Lightroom is available on a 30 day free trial
  • Camera

Where do I go from here?

You can sign up to this course now.

All courses can be combined with each other, practical workshops, online mentoring, and 1-2-1 sessions.

Why not discuss the possibility of a 12 month payment plan or have a chat with Alan about the most suitable course for you

4 Week Lightroom Photography Course
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