Intermediates Photography Course - Jan 12

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Intermediate Photography Course

Monday - Jan 12th 2015 - 13th Apr

Intermediates Photography Course

Intermediates Photography Course

This 7 week fortnightly course is for intermediate photographers who want the opportunity to advance their skill set and publicly display their pictures in a gallery

Course content

  • Design a photographic project - themed or a cross section of techniques and styles
  • Learn how to write a statement of intent and artist statement
  • Plan your photographic project with locations and concepts to discuss with Alan
  • Bring pieces of work back to the class for input on processing and professional edits
  • Learn to perfect new techniques and improve on existing knowledge
  • Learn how to prepare images for printing and exhibiting


Is this for me?

Aimed at photographers who already have a thorough understanding of camera operation, composition and processing images.

This course is the ideal follow-up to Alan’s 5 week beginner course, Lightroom course andfor those on the monthly mentoring programme.

If you are unable to make it to any particular class, there is the option to retake the session on a one-to-one basis for an additional cost.

The price of printing and the exhibition, which is not included with the course, is approx £250. This covers two weeks of display as well as the hospitality for opening night.


Become familiar with the complexities of composition, camera technique and image processing.

Learn to create photographs with a clear narrative, embodying the emotional scene of the moment.

Showcase 8-12 pieces of your work in a photography exhibition in Leamington Spa.

Invite family and friends to the gallery’s stunning opening night, where your work will be available for sale.

Intermediate Course
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How you will learn

Study the extensive camera settings and techniques needed to capture alluring pictures.

Receive fortnightly assignments and get feedback from Alan offering tips and expert guidance to help you produce impressive pictures.

Learn how to enhance and improve your shots through activities in your sessions.

Be given advice on how to create a body of work that is both coherent and consistent, and how to mount and print images for your portfolio.

See - Alan will help you transform what you see into a photograph with a clear narrative, embodying the emotional charge of the moment.

Design – learn how to compose images that will reflect your original intention in the mind of the viewer.

Shoot – be guided through the extensive camera settings and techniques needed to capture moments that show your true intentions.

Enhance – work with Alan to enhance your photos in post-processing, adding impact to your pictures without losing the essence of the photograph.

Share – have 8-12 pieces of your work professionally presented for 2-3 weeks in a public gallery in Leamington Spa.

Equipment needed

  • Digital camera
  • Laptop
  • Adobe Lightroom (available on 30 day free trial