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Beginners Photography Course - Week 2 of 5 - 13/2

  • Kenilworth Kenilworth, CV8 1QJ United Kingdom (map)
Kenilworth, CV8 1QJUnited Kingdom
Alan Ranger Photography(44)
Beginner's Photography Course
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Beginners Photography Course

This 5-week beginner's course is for those who wish to learn or improve on there understanding and execution of:

  • Get Off Auto

  • Exposure

  • Camera Settings

  • Composition

  • Equipment needed


  • All evening classes start at 18:45 and finish at 21:15

  • Please allow yourself 15mins for parking and being ready to start on time.



  • Places x 12. - Typically 6-10 attendees

  • In order for a class to go ahead, there must be a minimum of six clients booked for that particular date. Should there be insufficient interest, alternative dates will be offered.


  • 5 consecutive weekly evenings for 2.5hrs each week.

  • If you can't make one of the weeks then you can attend a future course for the missed week at no extra cost.

  • If more than one class is missed a small re-booking fee is required to attend all missed classes.


  • If you select deposit the balance must be paid 60 days in advance of start date

  • If you are interested in spreading the cost of a number of events (courses/workshops/tuition service) over a 12 month period, interest free, take a look at my Pick n Mix Plans. You will receive a discount on this course cost and any other events you choose as part of a 12 month photography tuition package Minimum commitment is £43 a month (£525pa).


  • Please read my terms and conditions before booking as you will be bound by them upon receipt of money paid.

  • Cancellation less than 4wks prior to event date - no refund

  • No show on the event - loss of place/money

  • Rebooking fee applies for changing class date if less than 4 weeks before event date or for re-booking a missed class.



This 5-week beginner's course for photography is for those who wish to learn or improve on there understanding and execution of:

Week 1 - Get Off Auto (Available as a stand-alone class)

  • The photographic Workflow

  • Automatic Modes Vs Semi Auto and Manual Exposure

  • The Exposure Triangle Explained

  • Aperture, ISO, Shutter

  • Composition Basics

  • Lighting and mood

  • Shot selection & variation

Week 2-5 Can be booked separately if you have attended the Get Off Auto (wk 1 class) or have equivalent knowledge.

Week 2 - Exposure

  • Recap on exposure

  • Metering

  • Histogram

  • Exposure Compensation

  • Assignment

Week 3 – Perfecting Capture

  • Focusing

  • Depth Of Field

  • White Balance

  • Stops

  • Dynamic Range

  • Bracketing

  • Assignment Review

  • Assignment

Week 4 - Design/Composition

  • Subject

  • Narrative

  • Assignment Review

  • Light

  • Intention

  • Assignment

Week 5 – Gear & Technical


  • Assignment Review

  • Filters

  • Lens Choice

  • Tripods and other gear

You will also be set weekly practical assignments, allowing you to use new skills at home and get feedback and tips the following week on images produced.

Is this for me?

The ideal follow on from the "Get off Auto" introductory class.

If you want to master camera settings and have a good understanding of the concepts of exposure and light this is a must do course. In addition to the key camera settings and operation you will learn how to put that theory in practise with your composition and framing of subjects to improve the overall quality and impact of your photography.


Beginners - Aimed at:

  • Novices and beginners who wish learn the basics of camera operation and composing shots

  • No prior knowledge required, however you will be expected to have a basic understanding about Aperture, Shutter and ISO before attending weeks two to five. If not, attend the Get off Auto class first.

  • This 5 week course is to give beginners the opportunity to learn how to use their camera with greater effect. You will learn all about exposure and dealing with difficult lighting situations. You will understand why and how you should use an F stop or ISO stop to achieve the photo you want to take.

  • This is a great course, attended by over 3,000 people in the last seven years so take that next step to becoming a better photographer.

Included with the class

  • Comprehensive course booklet/notes

  • Tea & Coffee during the break half-way through

Equipment needed

  • You will need to bring your camera, it’s manual (if you have one)

  • A USB drive for bringing assignment images back for review each week

  • Note paper and pen

Further Classes/Courses

This beginners course is the perfect start. Most people continue onto the Beginners Lightroom Course and combine this with workshops and/or private tuition.

Or you may prefer to take the four week course as private tuition lessons? I offer a block of four times two hour lessons to suit your pace and availability (daytime/weekdays only). Just get in touch to discuss or view the booking page..

If you are serious about your photography and want to take it to next level then we provide a range of intermediate masterclasses and courses to help you develop.



  • The Kenilworth Centre - Kenilworth

  • Large Meeting Room 2nd Floor

  • Disabled Access from the lift

  • Parking in Pay and Display

  • Sat Nav Postcode - CV8 1QH May take you down the High St, so check the map beforehand.




This course teaches basic foundations of camera operation and composing images. It will also enable you to problem solve difficult and varied lighting conditions so you understand what you need to do to make shots in any situation.

In practice, you will see an instant improvement in your work with the aid of feedback on your images with the weekly assignments.

How you will learn

Alan is passionate about photography and a qualified photography tutor. He will engage you in discussion and be more than willing to answer as many questions as possible on the night.

Alan will use Powerpoint to explain concepts/topics, followed by practical break-out sessions to turn theory into practise where applicable.

  1. You will be encouraged to ask questions and engage throughout the night so come prepared to ask any question you need an answer to.

  2. You will be provided with a comprehensive topic notes to take away and use for future reference

  3. You will be given assignments each week to help you cement the theory learned and raise any questions/issues the following week with Alan to clarify.

  4. You will get the camera out in class and follow various scenarios and settings to help cement the understanding of camera operation.