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Photography Classes are one-off lessons, 2.5-3hrs in length and run as evening classes

Photography Courses are weekly evening classes run over a number of weeks/months

Photography Masterclasses are one-off topic lessons run as 2.5hr  evening class

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5 Week Beginners Photography Course - Apr 17

  • Solihull (Bentley Heath) 135 Mill Lane Solihull, B93 8NY United Kingdom (map)

5 week beginner’s digital photography course

Tue Apr 17 to Tue May 10 - 6:45pm-10pm Solihull

  • 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings for 3hrs each week.  If you can't make one week then you can attend a future course for the missed week.
beginner's digital photography course

beginner's digital photography course

This 5 week introductory course is for those with a basic grasp of photography, wishing to absorb new skills and techniques.  Aimed at beginner's who really wish to get a better understanding of photography and using their camera.

Course content

  • The exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed)
  • Metering and focusing
  • Dynamic range & light
  • Final image formats
  • White balance and colour profiles
  • Filters, bracketing and tricky lighting
  • Composition and shot design
  • Tripods and other gear
  • Basic image processing

Is this for me?

For novice photographers or those with basic proficiency as well as intermediates wishing to refresh their core skills, this is an ideal course.


Learn how to use versatile ‘manual’ and ‘semi-automatic’ options on your camera.

Gain a thorough understanding of fundamental photographic concepts and techniques.

Develop your eye for an enchanting shot.

Use your vision, creativity and passion to compose appealing images.

How you will learn

Technical assignments are undertaken each week, allowing Alan to assess your progress, offer feedback and help you to overcome any difficulties you may be having.

Where do I go from here?

You can sign up for the course now.

Should you miss any of the classes, you can return on a later date to make up the remainder of the 5 weeks.

All courses can be combined with each other, practical workshops, online mentoring, and 1-2-1 sessions.

Why not discuss the possibility of a 12 month payment plan or have a chat with Alan about the most suitable course for you

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5 Week Beginners Photography Course
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