Long Exposures - Night Shoot - 2.5hrs

  • Kenilworth Castle Castle Green Kenilworth, CV8 United Kingdom

Night Shoot Photography Workshop

We will shoot in Warwickshire, location to be advised closer to date based on seasonal opportunities...

Kenilworth and surrounding area is a potential but possibly Stoneleigh too.

This is a good chance to learn and practise using the exposure triangle to balance ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture to create the effects you want.

Shooting at night presents challenges and opportunities as we learn to see how light and dark tones contrast and how longer exposure times can create dynamic pictures.

Alan will walk through how to make the most of:

  1. Focusing in low light
  2. Exposure settings
  3. Tonal Range
  4. Long Exposure set-up
  5. Form and Shape
  6. Highlights & Shadows
  7. Contrasts in various forms and dimensions
  8. Texture, Lines and Patterns

Equipment for this workshop

 Recommended but it's not all essential:

  • Tripod ( I have some for hire if you don't own one yet)
  • No specialist lenses required, we can make use of whatever you have
  • Remote cable release, useful but not essential
  • Warm clothes and a flask


In order for a photographic workshop to go ahead, there must be a minimum of three students booked for that particular date. Should there be insufficient interest, alternative dates will be offered.

On the rare occasion that severe weather conditions prevent any of the photography workshops from safely or practically going ahead, other dates will be offered.

If you have any questions about the workshop or equipment please don't hesitate to contact me. info@alanranger.com or 0781-701-7994


  • No prior knowledge of photography is required as each student will be taught individually, according to their level.
  • Recognise correct lighting, contrast and texture to shape and form each shot.
  • Learn the impact of using long exposure, shallow depth of field and other techniques. 
  • Work with Alan to review your shots, accept new ideas and improve your photography.
2.5hr Photography Workshop
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