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Batsford Camera Exposure Class & Walk 8/10

  • Batsford Arboretum England, GL56 9RH United Kingdom (map)
Batsford Arboretum
England, GL56 9RHUnited Kingdom
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Batsford Photography Workshops and Classes
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Batsford Arboretum Camera Exposure Class & Photo Walk

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-       2019

  • Photography Class – 9:30 am to 11:30 am

  • Photo Walk Practical – 11:45 pm to 1:30 pm

  • Price includes entrance to the Arboretum

Date From To Duration Event Name

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  • Tue-12-Mar 09:30 13:30 4hrs Composition Class-Walk

  • Tue-14-May 09:30 13:30 4hrs Composition Class-Walk

  • Tue-09-Jul 09:30 13:30 4hrs Composition Class-Walk

  • Tue-24-Sep 09:30 13:30 4hrs Composition Class-Walk

  • Tue-12-Feb 09:30 13:30 4hrs Exposure Class-Walk

  • Tue-09-Apr 09:30 13:30 4hrs Exposure Class-Walk

  • Tue-11-Jun 09:30 13:30 4hrs Exposure Class-Walk

  • Tue-23-Jul 09:30 13:30 4hrs Exposure Class-Walk

  • Tue-08-Oct 09:30 13:30 4hrs Exposure Class-Walk

  • Tue-26-Feb 09:30 13:30 4hrs Macro Class-Walk

  • Tue-26-Mar 09:30 13:30 4hrs Macro Class-Walk

  • Tue-30-Apr 09:30 13:30 4hrs Macro Class-Walk

  • Tue-25-Jun 09:30 13:30 4hrs Macro Class-Walk

  • Tue-10-Sep 09:30 13:30 4hrs Macro Class-Walk

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  • Workshop/class dates subject to minimum number of participants

    • In the event of insufficient bookings or bad weather, alternative dates will be offered.

  • Participants are responsible for attending with appropriate footwear and are responsible for their own equipment.

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Camera Exposure Class

A 2hr class inside Batsford Arboretum Education Centre followed by a 2hr Photo Walk around the arboretum

There are three elements that make up exposure

  • Aperture

  • Shutter Speed

  • ISO

In this 2hr class you will learn about each element, see examples of of how these principles and the ingredients within each topic combine to produce the flavour that suits your taste and objective.

Here’s just some of the detail we will cover in the class

  • Which exposure mode to shoot in and why

  • Getting off Automatic Mode

  • Aperture - Understanding and using F-stops to control Depth of Field

  • Shutter - Understanding and using exposure time to control movement

  • ISO - Understanding and using ISO in certain lighting scenarios

  • When you can hand-hold the camera and when you can’t

  • Combining the three variables through the exposure triangle

  • The Histogram

  • Exposure compensation

  • Metering modes

The theory class will be followed by a short interval and then we will go outside into the arboretum to practise the theory learned in the morning. Alan will be on-hand to guide you and review your image construction and exposure execution.


  • Meet at Arboretum Ticket Desk

  • Brief introductions for 10 mins

  • Theory Class with Powerpoint and printed class book to take away

  • Short interval

  • Practical image making outside in the arboretum

  • Image review and feedback throughout the workshop.

A full listing of Batsford Arboretum Photography Workshops can be found here


Fitness Level Required - Easy

This trip is rated as easy, meaning that most people with average comfortably be able to deal with the short walks and occasional steps or gradients involved and be comfortable on their feet for the duration of the workshop event.

Experience Level - Beginner

  • The workshop is suitable for any level, including beginners.

  • The class is aimed at people shooting in Automatic Exposure Mode who want to get off auto.

  • All participants receive 1-2-1 tuition and support on practical workshops so that tutoring can be tailored to the individuals needs and experience.

  • No prior knowledge of photography is required as each student will be taught individually, according to their level.

Equipment for this workshop

What to bring:

  • Your camera, fully charged battery and spare battery if you have one.

  • Remote Release Cable to take shots without touching the camera.

  • Any lenses are suitable but if you have a macro and and or zoom then bring those as it gives you a better chance to work on close-ups

  • Tripod (preferable) I can hire you one for the session at the cost of £10 but let me know in advance if you want one.

  • A polarising filter is useful for removing glare and reflections but not essential

  • Sensible footwear – it can sometimes be muddy and sticky underfoot so walking boots or trainers with good grip are recommended.

  • A large sandwich bag and an elastic band to wrap around your camera and lens if we have light rain

  • A kneeling mat or dustbin liner to put on the ground if you want to kneel or crouch down for ground level shots

  • Water, snacks or whatever you need for the event duration

  • Raincoats or equivalent – we might catch a shower!

  • Notebook/Paper and pen for note taking in the theory session

If you have any specific questions regarding equipment please contact me directly or take a look at my recommended products page.



Batsford Arboretum is a 55-acre arboretum and botanical garden near Batsford in Gloucestershire, about 1½ miles north-west of Moreton-in-Marsh.  GL56 9AD





On this workshop Alan will guide you through:

  • Getting of Auto mode.

  • Thinking more about your choice of aperture, shutter and ISO settings

  • Using manual exposure or aperture/shutter priority

  • Experimenting with exposure to get different effects

  • Using camera settings to vary the effects

  • Learn the impact of using long exposure, shallow depth of field and other techniques.

  • Recognise correct lighting, contrast and exposure challenges for each shot.

Photographic opportunities

  • Landscapes

  • Nature

  • Macro and close-up

  • Abstract