Your Square Mile - Mentoring Assignment

Your Square Mile - Mentoring Assignment
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Your Square Mile - Mentoring Assignment

Our urban spaces and what’s on our doorsteps is often overlooked, not noticed and rarely explored photographically. This assignment was designed to  encourage participants on the monthly photographic mentoring programme to take a closer look at what is within a few minutes of where they live.  Working within 1 mile radius of where they live students were given the freedom to photography any subject in any style.

The variety of shots shows how we all have a preference for difference aspects of our environment but interestingly most people chose to shoot the natural environment and creatures in it rather than opt for architecture, places and their local streets and things they pass everyday.

Thanks to everyone who participated - a good range and variety of images and styles - next months Abstract challenge should hopefully bring something completely different.  Remember that you don't have to be an expert or even intermediate to join in - tuition and feedback is personalised to each individual at whatever level they are at - you receive 3 key learning points and feedback on 3 images every month - so take the monthly challenge and get out their making images of subjects using new techniques and styles to help you develop your camera skills and creative eye.

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