Your Reviews would be appreciated

Your Reviews would be appreciated
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

As many of you know I have used Trustpilot to invite reviews of my services and your experience for the last couple of years. Thank you to all of you who have taken time to give that feedback meaning I now have over 300 reviews published through Trustpilot.

Unfortunately, Trustpilot insists on charging a lot of money for those reviews to be made available on my website. Whilst all those reviews are valuable I will continue to use their review collection service, I need over 150 reviews in any rolling 12 month period for Google to give shopper selling stars on my search listings. I am close to achieving that quantity but have also embarked on collecting reviews on Facebook and Google Places too.

Facebook and Google Places reviews don’t work the same way as other review sites but all still valuable to help promote the business. So, I’d really appreciate you taking 30 seconds to provide your feedback on both these sites. It doesn’t matter if you have already left a review, each review is counted and importantly a fresh review left in the last three months will have more impact than one left 12 months ago.

Please take 20 seconds to leave a general review about my events, customer service and business on either, or ideally both Facebook and Google. it can be about any specific event or generally about what and how I provide photography tuition. It doesn’t matter if you have reviewed previously as each review and date left counts.

Your support is very much appreciated.

PS I will continue to use Trustpilot but the free service to collect your feedback.