Capture the magic of winter landscapes

Capture the magic of winter landscapes
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Capture the magic of winter landscapes

Winter is a fantastic time for landscape photography.  It's all to easy, and somewhat understandable, why many people prefer to stay in the warmth and comfort of their homes between January and March rather than endure the bitter temperatures, sometimes biting winds and often unpopulated areas around the UK.

However, seasoned landscape photographers know only to well that winter has a number of unique benefits to other times of the year for making landscape photos with impact.

Wales Landscape in the snow.

Winter is not just about the weather and we certainly don't need snow or severe weather to make it worth going out. The winter season also has 3 special qualities that reward those who are prepared to venture out.


The sun does not rise to high throughout the winter months, as we all know from driving the car and being blinded by it low position in the sky.  The low sun means that the light is lower and less contrasty than other seasons. So despite a shorter day in terms of sunlight the best shooting hours are generally longer as you don't have that 3-4hr period in the middle of the day where the pictures you take can easily end up as just practise shots rather than keepers.





Winter is actually one of the best times to visit those popular beauty spots around the UK - the lack of people reduces the the times of frustration when a red anoraked person decides to share your view by standing in it for a prolonged period.  In addition to reduced people traffic the landscape is also actually very different. The lush green growth of spring and summer and the vibrant colour of autumn has gone and reveals a the bare coal face of the landscape. 




Rivers, seas, rocks, hedges, hills and trees all take on a more defined and skeletal feel to reveal hard shape and form.  Shape and form are two of the basic visual building blocks to good composition and subject matter in any photo but especially in B&W photography.  The subjects in your images do not just have to be constrained to B&W or big vista's and the classic landscape shots.  Winter also provides plenty of opportunity for you to work close up with macro or abstract photography as the weather and elements also bring new textures and colour to the subjects.

winter water abstract


Don't be put off by uncomfortable weather - as they say up in the Lake District - "there's so no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing"  - I run photography workshops throughout the year in all weather and can say that some of my personal favourite shots have been made in the worst weather.  Warm clothes and a good attitude will mean you can focus on the amazing array of photographic opportunities at this time of year so why not join me on one my weekend photography workshops in Feb & Mar.

All landscape workshops have an option for tuition only, this enables you to make your own way to the location and meet me at the start of the workshop there.  You could think about booking an overnight before or after and extending your trip with an extra day's tuition or just making your own way around the area. Alternatively let me arrange everything for you, drive you there and around the locations and then enjoy the evening in my company at the hotel we stay at.

Take a look at my upcoming events and chose from a great range of photography workshops in Wales, Devon and the enchanting Lake District.