What I did today - 29th Dec

What I did today - 29th Dec
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Festive Photo Walk

Icy temperatures and the mid-point of the festive week did not deter my merry band of photographers today.  The festive walk, talk and photograph was a great day and we were blessed with winter sunshine and crispy frozen substances underfoot as we meandered along our 5 mile walk around Lapworth.

When I originally planned the workshop, my mind was not made up between driving to various locations around Warwickshire or just doing a local walk.  I think I made the right call when I decided yesterday that a walk in the countryside was a better option given the weather but more importantly I felt that showing students just how much variety and opportunity there is when "just" on a walk.

It was a good way to demonstrate how to improve the eye for spotting opportunities and making photographs in any situation.  After all,  if I have had just opted for a drive to multiple locations and pointed out shots - how much would they have discovered and learned?

So route planned, table booked for our lunch at a nearby watering hole and a 5 eager faces revelling in the sub zero temperatures but raring to follow me on a voyage of discovery - or more accurately - "where the hell are you taking us Alan?"

My only suggestion for the day, that was of any use, was to ask everyone to observe more and look for the shots and opportunities that may make a good photograph - a tough challenge when we are surrounded by so much chaos in the landscape and at other times what seems like endless areas of grass, mud and hedgerows...  However there are always good photo opportunities but it does require a certain mindset, some imagination and little inspiration.

During the course of the day we took, abstract, close-ups, B&W, landscapes, reflections. and wildlife (lose term as not sure cows constitute wild?)

Here are a few of the shots from today's walk - click on any image to see it larger 


packwood ice

ice trees

golden reflection

let me in