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We'd love to get your feedback

I am always holding conversations with you guys about various ways to get involved in photography and improve your skills and knowledge.  If you could take 5mins out to complete this very short survey I would be really grateful. 

Your wishes are always important and help me to plan my schedule and content to suit you - In addition I am looking to support how you can also meetup independently to share knowledge and have the chance to buddy up and shoot together.

£100 Gift Voucher to be drawn on Sat 20th Feb from all those who have responded.  

All you need to do is complete the survey to be in the prize draw.

Survey Link Here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/V6B7M6P 

Alan Ranger Photography Forum Membership

Annual membership to the Facebook Group - Alan Ranger Photography Forum.

This purchase entitles you to 12 months membership of the Facebook Group for Alan Ranger Photography.

You are advised that you need to follow the guidelines and abide by posting rules on the forum - failure to comply with these guidelines could result in you being removed from the group

There are no refunds available for part membership or leaving the group before 12 months is up.

Once you place the order and pay you will be approved as a member.  Please make sure you use the email address associated with your Facebook profile when checking out the order so I can match the payment to the order.

Benefits of this forum

1. A single, dedicated place to post "considered images" for feedback from Alan ranger and other forum users.

2. The forum is a community designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge and helpful tips.

3. This network of like-minded individuals can host "own" events and then post the images taken at these events on the forum for feedback.

4. It's a safe and private environment of trusted people.

5. Exclusive membership by invitation only.

6. Alan Ranger will run exclusive "forum" only events that will not be offered to any other participants.

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