Upcoming Events - Oct-Dec

Upcoming Events - Oct-Dec
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Autumn Schedule

Autumn, undoubtedly, is the favourite season for outdoor photographers with the spectacle of changing landscapes and colour. Take a look at what’s coming up in the combined calendar for workshops and evening class courses.

As I mentioned in recent blog posts I have made some back-end changes on the website to make it easier to navigate and filter from over 250 event listings.  One addition is the event calendar - scroll through the events for each month and click on any event on a day to directly access the details of the event. 

The Register Interest button has now been rolled out across the site so you can also click on it just to let me know you're interested and thinking about joining that event.


Photography Workshops Calendar

Autumn Photography at Batsford Arboretum

Batsford Arboretum Workshops

09-Oct-Tue     Macro Class & Walk
23-Oct-Tue     Abstract Class & Walk
24-Oct-Wed    Autumn Workshop
26-Oct-Fri      Autumn Workshop
27-Oct-Sat     Autumn Workshop
28-Oct-Sun    Autumn Workshop
29-Oct-Mon    Autumn Workshop
30-Oct-Tue    Autumn Workshop
31-Oct-Wed    Autumn Workshop
01-Nov-Thu    Autumn Workshop



I am looking forward to my fifth consecutive year of Autumn Photography Workshops at Batsford Arboretum this October.   These popular workshops are set in a fantastic woodland environment with a vast array of colour and varying opportunities for any level of photographer to learn and practise macro, abstract, vista and any the art of seeing good photographic shots.  Book early to avoid disappointment. 

Half and full day workshop options with exclusive access to the grounds on the morning workshop.

Batsford Photography Workshops

As mentioned in an earlier blog post this month, I have added two new courses for Intermediates. To make things simpler for clients I have categorised all the classes and courses with Level 1 - Beginners and Level 2 - Intermediates.  So in addition to the beginner's photo course and Lightroom Course, there is now an intermediate 4wk Photography course and an intermediate 4wk Lightroom Course.

Both new courses will run at Kenilworth or Solihull which means I may be running less of the original 5wk beginner's courses but aim to ensure I alternate that course between the locations every six weeks or so.  Naturally, if there is sufficient demand for the new courses then I will revise the schedule and offerings, so if you are interested please ensure you click the Register Interest button.  Maybe you need to use your JLR ELS Voucher before the end of October!

Photography Courses Overview

Photography Courses Overview

Photography Classes and Courses

RPS Distinction Course

RPS Distinction Course

Gain a Photographic Qualification

I am pleased to say that after six months of launching the course we are making great progress with several participants already reaching 50% or more of a draft panel.  The collaborative format of each class is proving to be popular and a great way to get ideas, inspiration and discuss images collectively.

If you are interested in joining this course and giving yourself a target to work on an image collection for RPS Distinction please get in touch to discuss or just book online. You can enrol at any time and join a class to suit your pace and availability.

Where multiple events are listed for the same date, the demand will dictate which events will proceed but every effort will be made to ensure that each event type runs even if on different dates or locations.

If you would like to see some of the images that I have taken over the past month that may encourage you to join me then check out my latest images.

2.5hr Introductory Classes for beginners - run regularly on Tuesdays in Solihull and Thursdays in Kenilworth. All evening classes are from 6:45 pm to 9:15 pm - no experience required to attend.

If you would prefer to do one to one tuition then I am available to book in half or one day sessions during the day  - Other Tuition Services

All photography events can be added to a Pick n Mix tuition plan so that you can spread the cost of courses, workshops and tuition and ensure your development is structured.

Check my Blog (or subscribe for) posts for the latest new, events and free photography advice and tips including my list of recommended photography products