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News and Upcoming Events - Mar - Jun

Winter doesn't seem to be letting go just yet but spring is not far away!

It's been a great first couple of months of 2018 with a good variety of activities with courses busier than ever and workshops being booked up much further in advance than they have done traditionally.

Photography Courses News

Intermediates Level Photography Courses

The "Intermediates" level courses have been a great deal sense of pride for me.  My last Intentions Photography Course Group has just had their opening night of a three-week exhibition in Leamington Spa and it was well supported by many clients turning up to discuss the work and chat photography for the evening.  The exhibition runs to 23rd March so, try and get along and take a look the culmination of a six-month photographic project.

"Developing a body of work that ties together your own vision and interpretation is no simple task and I feel this exhibition shows just how each artist has embraced the challenge.  They have all produced a coherent portfolio in a short timescale and along the way, learned new skills and experienced the whole end to end workflow of; 
See | Design | Shoot | Enhance | Share
I am proud to have guided the four photographers through this journey and know they will continue to enjoy their photography hobby and take it to even greater heights."

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”  Ansel Adams

I have just started with a new, an exciting, group for the Intentions Course so hope to be announcing news of their exhibition in the summer.

The launch of a new course "RPS Distinctions Course" has also proved popular with ten people signing up within a month of its announcement.  There are still a couple of places left so if a distinction qualification is something you would like to achieve then get in touch quickly.  This course is not linear in classes, instead, it aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to work towards a distinction over any time period with twice-monthly group classes to choose from for critique, reviews and mentoring.  Therefore you can join the process and attend classes to suit your progress and timescales.

I am really looking forward to working with everyone on this course as I know from personal experience the value of the learned experience and skills to achieve the distinctions are far greater than just having letters after your name and a certificate.

Beginners Level Photography Courses

As usual, there has been a flurry of beginners classes for Get off Auto and the 5-week and 4-week beginners course since the new year.  In fact, I have been able to run the 5-week beginner's photography courses in Bentley Heath, Solihull and Kenilworth in parallel for three consecutive blocks.  It has been great to meet so many people who are new to photography or at the start of that process of wanting more than the "auto" snap.  Many have gone to sign up for the Adobe Lightroom Photography Course with both Kenilworth and Bentley Heath almost sold out in April.

The Lightroom Course is a must for anyone who wishes to take their images and creativity up a level and learn how to organise, edit and produce images that say more than the obvious.  Please get in touch if this course is something you are considering as it will be an essential part of your ability to develop all areas of your photography skills.


I have made the point before but I know from talking to people that they see the word "Master" and think that's not them.  Masterclasses do not mean you need to be "intermediate" or a master to attend.  They are one-off bite-sized lessons aimed at progressing the individual's knowledge a stage further.  So please don't feel you need to be at a specific level to attend.  Where there is a pre-requisite knowledge required for a class it is stated on the masterclass event listing.

There is a range of classes to suit everyone's interests.

  1. Get off Automatic Mode - Exposure Explained
  2. Creative Composition - Develop your creative eye and understanding
  3. DSLR Craft - Get to grips with Metering, Focusing, White Balance and more
  4. Filters & Bracketing - Understand Dynamic Range and RAW Vs JPG
  5. Getting started with Adobe Lightroom an introduction and basic walkthrough
  6. Portrait Photography - Learn how to take better portrait photos
  7. Black & White Photography - Understand the visual building blocks of mono
  8. Landscape Photography - Art of the landscape - a visual guide
  9. Macro - Close-up Photography - Theory and practical workshop
  10. Image sharing - final refinement, exporting, sizing, framing and uploading/selling
  11. How to get organised and stay organised in Lightroom
  12. Creative editing - An introduction and masterclass in NIK plug-ins suite
  13. How to choose and setup up your DSLR and use it effectively
  14. Camera and kit care - a complete walkthrough and best practise advice
  15. Photo Critiques  - Bring your photos for Alan to review and critique.

Combining Theory & Practical

The photography workshops are the obvious way to put theory into practice with my expertise on-hand to support and teach you.  However, I know some people feel intimidated about signing up for a workshop in fear they will be out of their depth.  There really is no need to be worried.  All workshops are taught on a 1:2:1 basis whilst on location so you will get the help, support and instruction needed for your level and experience. 

Just as importantly, everyone who attends a workshop has a different level of skill and knowledge ranging from complete beginner to some who are experienced but would like the benefit of a workshop leader who knows the area and locations and can help them with that next composition or technique.  I always have a diverse range of participants on workshops and everyone is always friendly, supportive and enjoys sharing time with like-minded people.

I have recently launched a new series of Classes with Workshops at Batsford Arboretum in Gloucestershire.  These monthly events will have a two-hour theory lesson taught in the Batsford Education Centre, followed by a lunch-break and then a two-hour practical workshop in the Arboretum grounds.  This combined two to four-hour combination will provide and an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to combine theory and practice on the same day.

There are four topics for classes and walks that will rotate.  Additional topics will be added based on interest.  Exposure | Composition | Macro  | Abstract

Photography Workshops News

New Locations

Despite part growing-up in Suffolk and returning there on a frequent basis over the years for family reasons, it's an area of the country that I hadn't photographed extensively.  I recently ran my first workshop in Suffolk and even though we had winter sunshine and blue skies throughout the weekend the results were pleasing and I discovered a few gems.  I have listed the second occurrence for Suffolk this year in September, I hope you take a look at the variety Suffolk offers and consider this one for your "to do list".  Images

Due to a request, and several failed attempts to get a four-five day workshop in Isle of Skye off the ground, I am pleased to announce that Glen Coe, Scotland, has now been added to the calendar.  Four people have already booked so just a couple of place left for this iconic landscape location in November this year.

After a few years of frustrating debate with Snowshill Lavender Farm, I have decided to switch my annual lavender shoots to Somerset.  Yes, I appreciate for many of my local clients this a lot further away than Gloucestershire from the Midlands but I feel the photographic opportunity and cooperation from the landowner outweighs the travel time.  I'll be running two, four-hour, workshops there.  A sunset workshop followed by a sunrise workshop on the 28th and 29th July.   There is an option to do both workshops with overnight accommodation.  Get in touch if you are interested.

Old Favourites

The bluebell woodland workshops are more proving more popular than ever before with over 25 people already booked up for either the sunrise, mid-morning-afternoon or both workshop sessions in Warwickshire.  I have added some additional dates to the listings to deal with the interest but places will sell quickly given the demand already shown.  So, please don't delay your booking if you want to enjoy this annual spectacle in a private woodland with exclusive access, which means you won't be photographing random people in bluebell woodlands image! (max of six people per workshop) Images

Anglesey, Northumbria and Devon are all workshops coming up in the next three months where there is a great opportunity to do coastal photography.  Be it, long exposures, classic rock shorelines or castles on the coast.  All three workshops have people booked on and will be going ahead.  Just get in touch as soon as possible to discuss options for the workshops and get yourself signed up for any of these stunning photographic locations.

The Lake District has always been a popular spot for photographers and a long-time favourite of mine.  The variety of terrains and types of photographic styles is endless here.  As ever, I will be running three more workshops there this year and know that this is a place that never disappoints.  Always popular so get in touch soon to discuss and book one of these fabulous workshops. Images