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I post blogs on a weekly basis covering photography tips and related news as well as photos made by my clients on my workshops and courses.

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Upcoming Evening Classes & Courses

Take a look at what's coming up in the next few months and plan your events to ensure you get the tuition and support you want.

If you're a pick n mix customer please make sure you use your available credits to book in advance to help me schedule the classes and courses you want.

In addition, just because you have done something once before doesn't mean you can't get even more from it by doing it again!


You don't need to be experienced or have loads of gear to attend a class or course,  Most are open to any level of photographer with any camera and level of experience. They are supported with hand-outs and time is taken to explain the theory and its application in different situations.

Workshop Events Here:


Masterclasses are one-off lessons on targeted areas of photography.  These are a great way to improve your understanding in specific areas as we spend 2.5hrs on one particular subject covering technical and creative elements.  

From £43 a class.  All Classes 7pm - 9:30pm - Coventry


Beginner's 5 & 4 Week Courses

If you have done the initial introductory "Get Off Auto" class then you should sign up to complete the remaining 4 weeks of a 5 week beginners photography course.  This course is the foundation for mastering camera settings, your understanding and improving your eye for composition.  

It won't turn you into David Bailey overnight but it will give you the insight you need to build upon a solid understanding of camera operation, settings and better composition whatever your subject and interest.

All classes are- 6:45pm to 9:15pm  £235 for 4 classes or £265 for 5 classes. More 5 and 4 week course dates here:   5 week courses  4 Week Extended Courses

Lightroom Courses - Editing and Storing Photos

Whatever level you are at when it comes to taking photos you need to start with best practice and the ability to organise your files on the computer and make simple corrections and then develop how you edit your photos to their full potential.  

The Lightroom course will give you the essential understanding of configuring Lightroom, understanding the tools available to manage your images and find/search for them easily, and then edit them using the right tool for the job.

All classes are- 6:45pm to 9:15pm  £265 for 4 classes

Lightroom courses will be listed into the year. Check details here

All courses, masterclasses and other tuition is available on a Pick N Mix Tuition Plan so you can spread the cost of your development over a year (interest free) and get the right mix you need to take you the next step of your ambition.  All Pick N Mix tuition plans offer discounted prices on events.