Top 5 Photography Locations for Beginners

Top 5 Photography Locations for Beginners
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Top 5 Photography Locations for Beginners

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Boasting with natural and manmade splendour, photographers are spoilt for choice when exploring with their camera.

For beginners, it might be daunting choosing where to start. So here my top 5 locations to get you started!

Lake District

With such varied landscapes, the Lake District is praised for its natural, photogenic environments that can be appreciated all year round; seemingly transformed with each passing season.

Is your speciality the wide, green pastures and valleys that occupy this gorgeous region? Perhaps it’s the dense, deep, yet fascinating forests that hide secrets to be discovered by the discerning photographer?

The Lake District is perfect for shooting moody shots and dramatic scenes of the lakes and mountains; feeling as though you’ve stepped into another world altogether.  The varying weather conditions throughout the year make every visit seem unique; changing the entire mood of the scenery all together.

Whatever your muse, the Lake District’s diverse landscapes are sure to steal your heart and make you fall in love with its everlasting charm.

I frequently visit the Lake District in order to help other photographers develop whilst surrounded by natural beauty. This spring is a great time to experience this diverse landscape.


The seascape laden county of Devon is a prime location for photographers wishing to capture the dramatic motions of the sea. Being both gentle and harsh, seascapes really let photographers get a feel for different moods and emotions that can be portrayed through photography.

Nursing the brutality of the waves, the sculptural rock formations help create intense photos that portray just how powerful the sea truly is. The huge tides will sweep you off your feet as a calm, slow tide brushing against the sand can quickly change into a violent, great crash of waves against the rocks.

If you fancy witnessing these amazing sights for yourself, why not join me in Devon on a seascapes workshop. I’ll teach you how to create photographs just like this one.

Wales – Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy Nature Reserve in Wales is bursting with natural beauty. The glimmer of the lake reflecting the sky and surrounding vegetation makes for a stunning subject.

All year round, Lake Vyrnwy treats onlookers to a feast for the eyes, leaving photographers spoiled for choice when deciding what to focus on. Perfect for practicing long exposure on the number of valleys, waterfalls and mountains, Lake Vyrnwy is great for testing your technical photography skills.

You’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the mesmerising reflections of the lake, creating a mystical mirror image on the lake’s surface.

If you delve into the forests surrounding, you might even be able to witness the varied wildlife and almost ominous silence of the deep woods.

Take a trip with me into the natural beauty of Wales where you can test your skills and I’ll help you improve them. You too can experience the beauty of Wales.


The rolling hills of Gloucestershire partnered with the scents and sights of Lavender are truly awe-inspiring. Always finding new angles and concepts to focus on, Gloucestershire is abundant in natural beauty and is great for honing your landscape photography skills.

Why not even see how you fare at macrophotography? Close up photos of wildlife and foliage serve to give us a more detailed insight into the intricate details nature includes in all life.

If that doesn’t tempt you to pick up camera and tripod then the potential to grow your photography skills will. I’m always looking to help people expand their photography knowledge so they can produce photos to be proud of.

This summer, come along to a  where you’ll be submerged with photographic knowledge whilst knee deep in the rich blues and purples of delightfully scented flora.

Bonus: Warwickshire – Chesterton

Chesterton. A marvellous landscape that I have visited frequently throughout my photographic journey. An extensive field home to a singular windmill; a true example of how simplicity can be the best tool for creating awe-inspiring photos.