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I post blogs on a weekly basis covering photography tips and related news as well as photos made by my clients on my workshops and courses.

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Support The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation

I'm supporting The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation’s charity campaign ‘The Bigger Picture’. We hope to raise £100,000 in the space of 28 days.

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation was established in September 2013. Its aim is to help address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with acute leukaemia. All money raised by SPF goes towards efforts made by University College London, University Hospital Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s hospital. Together, we’re supporting:

  • T-Cell Development – The enhancement of the human immune system
  • Improved Stem Cell Transplants
  • Reduction in Relapses
  • Support towards family accommodation
  • Nursing teams
  • Childcare for cancer sufferers

The Bigger Picture is going to greatly accelerate research into curing leukaemia and helping not only those that suffer from it but their families too. Through this campaign, SPF want to encourage people to capture the moments that make their lives brighter. People of all ages are submitting drawings & photos of the little things that make them smile in an effort to spread awareness of SPF and raise money for a worthy charity.

I understand full heartedly how emotions can be portrayed through photography. That is why I'm donating a number of prizes to the lucky winners of the campaign. SPF are looking for personal moments in your life, showing that when you look at ‘the bigger picture,’ there’s so much to enjoy in life.

I'm contributing the following prizes to The Bigger Picture:

  • 1 x Limited edition signed print of one of my images
  • A 2hr introductory photography class for beginners for up to 12 students
  • A 4hr private photography lesson with myself
  • 5 Sets of Photography Made Easy Pocket Guides - #01 to #07 in the series
  • A place on my 5 week beginner’s photography course in Kenilworth or Solihull

Share the little moments that make you smile and help make millions of people around the world smile with you. This could be your family, friends or even hobbies that you enjoy. Why not support the charity by getting your very own wrist band or umbrella from The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation Shop

Support #SPFOurMission and join The Bigger Picture Campaign!