Sunrise-Sunset Photo Competition - Contest Results

Sunrise-Sunset Photo Competition - Contest Results
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

A big thank you to all of you who entered the monthly themed contest for Nov/Dec - Sunrise/Sunsets

There were 38 valid entries from 15 entrants. As per the contest rules there needs to be a minimum of 25 entrants so as this month falls short of that minimum by 10 people I have declared the contest void and no awards/winners have been chosen.

This is a real pity and I am sure you appreciate that having a minimum number of entrants ensures that there is sufficient variety, skill and experience and volume to help separate and differentiate the best images overall.

I hope that the next competition will generate more interest and participation. Please share the link to the competition on social media or via email to encourage people to participate.

To help achieve the quantity of participants I am going to see if changing the period of entry from one month to two months will help.

The next competition theme - Winter will therefore run from 16th December to 15th February

Here are the submitted images from sunrise and sunsets that were properly submitted with filename changed to entrants name. Thank you again for submitting and sorry that this competition didn’t attract enough entrants.

I appreciate a number of people have struggled with the submission process and tell me that the form doesn’t always work as expected. I have tested it multiple times my end with no issues. I believe that those who had difficulty were using a MAC or mobile device. This, in theory, shouldn’t be an issue but I am unable to troubleshoot as don’t use a MAC and I know other MAC users have uploaded successfully too. All I can suggest is that you try from a Windows PC and Chrome browser as I know this works for the majority of people. I’ll continue to investigate the cause of the random errors but changing to an alternative method would actually be more complicated.

file upload example.JPG

Tip - ensure you select three images when Adding Files to the form and wait for the progress bars to complete uploading (showing file size) before submitting the form as illustrated:

Sunrise - Sunset Entries

New Theme for the Month of December to February

Winter - Details here: Closing Date 15th February 2019 23:00

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold."

- Aristotle

The color of springtime is in the flower. The color of winter is in the imagination.

Ice, frost or snow, I want to see your winter images depicting the essence of the cold season. Winter is a magical time for photography with the sun lower in the sky, dramatic sunrises and colour in the clearer skies and of course the added element of freezing weather on the environment and landscape. I would encourage you to go out with your camera, walk in the countryside, woodlands or even your local park and look for subjects that illustrate the crisp, often bare and stark conditions.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

― Stanley Horowitz