Summertime Photo Contest Winner

Summertime Photo Contest Winner
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Summertime Competition Winner Announcement

The time has flown by and it’s almost Autumn, meaning it’s time to announce the winners of my Summertime Photo competition! The time has now come to pick the winners.  Here are the top 10 images awarded.

Launched way back in June, I've been looking forward to going through all the amazing photos you've sent in.  It was really difficult choosing a winner as so many of you entered such wonderful photographs, capturing the spirit of summer in so many different ways.  As ever I was looking for some originality, obviously a good degree of technical competency and above all something that I felt encapsulated the spirit of the summer months.

Before I list the top 10 images chosen, thank you to everyone who entered.  There were 28 participants with 66 images to choose from so a big thank you to everyone and congratulations to those who were placed in the top ten.

So here are the winners of my Summertime Photo Competition!

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1st Place - Jean MacDonald

Buttercup Meadow

Taken on an early misty morning in July on Nikon D7100, F11, 1/80, 200.

Congratulations Jean you have won top spot and a 1 day location photography workshop of your choice.

Jean has managed to capture a wonderful scene here with early morning warm light softly illuminating the meadow.  The pathway through the flowers takes the eye through to the misty backdrop which acts a wonderful background to this English meadow giving us a real feeling of imagining ourselves there.  The early morning light is softer and this has really helped to emphasise that dreamier look and technically hold details in the bright and dark areas of the image.  

A wonderful summer scene Jean, very well done.

2nd Place - Bradley Hopkinson

Look at me

Caption:  Look at me

Congratulations on 2nd place! Bradley has won 3 hours of 1:2:1 tuition with myself. 

Those that know me may be surprised that I have picked a "bird" photo - I am not known for being a great lover of "bird on stick" images but this image is of course very different.  Clearly the colour and display from the peacock is incredible and you couldn't fail to be impressed if you the Peahen.  Bradley hasn't just been lucky though with this majestic display - he has executed the shot beautifully showing how the right aperture to get details and sharpness throughout the plumage has really made this a special shot.  I also like that Bradley was not afraid to crop the image to introduce some geometry and symmetry in the image placing the neck and head centrally and ensuring the feathers reached diagonally into four corners of the frame.

A super shot Bradley, well done.

3rd Place - Ruurd Visser


Congratulations on 3rd place! Ruurd has won 2 months of my on-line photography mentoring programme where I can hopefully help them develop even more knowledge in photography.

Ruurd's sunset or maybe sunrise image is simple and iconic and works well - whilst shadow details and sharpness is not at its best the simplicity of the image and mood is conjures up is spot on.  Largely silouhetted insect on top of a daisy with the sun behind in a central position really works well for me.  Well done Ruurd, lovely image.

The next 3 images all received Highly Commended - unfortunately no prize this time but very close to being placed in the top 3 and beautiful images, very well done.

All 3 images show different aspects of Summer and have been photographed beautifully, demonstrating a good eye for a shot, well balanced compositions and technical excellence in execution.

Highly commended - Ruurd Visser - butterfly summer

highly COMMENDED - Steve green - tea for two

highly commended - joyce james - rainbow over saundersfoot beach

The next 4 images were all Commended and complete the results for the top ten images - 

Commended - Tracey Jones - Summer walk

commended - jean macdonald - fun at the beach

Commended - chris parker - tulip

commended - harry hunt - beach cricket

Thank you to all those that entered! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the different ways you expressed the season of spring through photography. If you didn't win, don’t worry as I have already launched the next photo contest.  Autumn Time -  

Congratulations to all the winners and I’ll I hope the next competition is just as exciting as this one was!

Please feel free to add your comments below to share your views on the images chosen and feel free to share this and encourage your friends to join in the fun, it's free and you never know you or they might win a prize next time.