Alan's student wins award for photo

Alan's student wins award for photo
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

Laura's photo wins her an award from the Kenilworth fireworks display and was used to commemorate the Dad of two daughters

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to inform you that one of the students on last Saturday's Fireworks Workshop in Kenilworth has produced an outstanding image of the display that has been chosen to be featured on the website of the company who ran the fireworks display.

Laura Byrne

Fantastic Fireworks who provide the display every year at Kenilworth contacted me after the event to ask me to select a photo from my workshop, that I run every year at Kenilworth, for use on their website.  

Read how this image was used to commemorate the Dad, of two daughters, whose ashes were spread via the fireworks into the sky and around Kenilworth ruins.  DAD ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO THE MOON IN A ROCKET AND NOW I GUESS HE HAS!

Six students attended the workshop and there were a lot of great photos made with the support of my tuition and guidance on the night but ultimately this type of photography is down to judgement and timing as much as anything else.

Laura's Journey

Laura has recently finished the 5 week beginner's course that I run and is half way through the 4 week photo editing course in Adobe Lightroom so is by no means an expert after just a few months of formal tuition - however, I am sure you will agree with me, she has demonstrated great execution and application of not just the technical aspects of photography but also good timing when it comes to the "the decisive moment" of design with this shot.

This shot has earnt Laura a reward of public recognition by an external company who have paid her a fee for use of the shot to promote their products/services and I am sure, more importantly, given her a real boost that the investment in tuition and guidance and her ability to create a compelling shot has been rewarded and will motivate her to continue her journey in photography.

Congratulations Laura, am really chuffed for you.

If you would like to learn how to create shots like this then sign up to the beginners course and Lightroom course and book yourself onto next years workshop at Kenilworth fireworks display.