Spring to life with photography

Spring to life with photography
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Spring to life with photography

Spring will be officially upon us in two weeks, the clocks go forward on 29th March and will hopefully bring some nicer weather with it. Photography, for most, just seems so much more appealing when we don’t have to worry about constant downpours and surprise snow flurries. Even though I know winter has its own charms, I can’t deny that the warmth of a spring morning truly raises my photography spirits.

So now that days are slowly becoming warmer, there hasn't been a better time to get out there and put your photography skills to the test.  As always I am here to support your photography journey through, workshops, evening classes and on-line mentoring and support so don't delay in contacting me to discuss what the next best step for you might be.


The warmth is transforming our landscapes

There’s always an abundance of newly born animals in spring, reminding you that even after what seems like a harsh environment in winter, nature still bounces back. This time of year is therefore treasured by photographers as in one single shot you could potentially capture a creature’s first few seconds of life; a remarkably special moment in time.

It’s equally as empowering to capture the strength of animals running, leaping and gliding across their territory; almost forgetting they've just endured a hard and arduous winter. No matter what wonderful creature takes your fancy, they’re bound to be a fascinating subject to focus on.




It’s not only the wildlife that seem to magically emerge from their hiding spots, flowers and foliage make reappear, revitalising the landscape with their vibrant colours and sweet scents. Bluebells are a personal favourite of mine, seeming to completely coat landscapes in mesmerising shades of blue.

bluebell woodlands

It’s easy to lose yourself in their beauty but let’s not forget to utilise the functions of our digital cameras. Using wider lenses whilst out and about greatly increase the depth of field, allowing you to create photos that whilst focussing on one particular subject, let you show its beauty amongst a perfect backdrop. I’d recommend utilising abstract photography techniques simultaneously as the intricate details of plants can be just as beautiful as the bigger picture.

spring growth

Now we have more light to play with, we have more chances to portray various moods and emotions through photography. On the odd humid day we have in spring, it may be worth setting out a little earlier than usual to capture eerie and moody shots of fog and mist rolling across a landscape. It may not seem like the bright and welcoming spring we’re used to, but it still makes for the perfect, mysterious image.

early morning light

So why not try spring photography during my bluebell woods workshop this April? With spring comes new life, new beginnings and potentially your new journey into photography.

I can’t wait to see your photography skills bloom and grow. What are you most looking forward to capturing with your camera this spring?

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