Spring Photography Hints & Tips

Spring Photography Hints & Tips
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Spring Photography Hints & Tips

When the clocks go forward we can start experiencing the true essence of spring in all its warm, colourful glory and longer evenings. With everything changing around us it can be difficult to decide what to focus on in your photography adventures. 

Explore The Colours Of Nature

After the long, cold winter days, it’s exciting to see all the vibrant colours of spring emerge from their icy slumber. Whites and greys have now transformed into the rainbow of colours Mother Nature bestows on us in the form of flowers, animals and wildlife.

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Getting your colour right is key to ensuring you capture eye catching photos of the new life in spring. Using a colour wheel can greatly help you decide what colours complement each other, and help you plan your shots to a greater extent. Make sure to consult these charts when you’re unsure if you’ve got your composition right.

Contrasting colours are better for drawing the viewer’s attention to focus on specific focal points and make various aspects of your shot stand out. This could be the vibrant blues of bluebells standing against the browns and greens of a forest, or perhaps a woodland dear, hiding amongst the foliage.

Bluebell Woodlands Photography Workshop

Setting your white balance to automatic will leave your camera to automatically adjust to the light conditions you shoot in.  If you want the assurance of accurate colour then setting a custom white balance is essential.  It's easy to set custom white balance and once you have mastered the steps you will be doing it in seconds rather than minutes.  This is the only way to ensure the wonderful rich colours of spring are captured accurately in camera.

For best results to set accurate white balance purchase a white balance lens cap.

Make It A Family Event

Photography doesn't have to be a solitary pastime. You could get the whole family involved regardless of age.

It’s getting far warmer now which means there are more opportunities to enjoy the outside world with short breaks, holidays or just days out. Photographing time spent with family is a great way to preserve your most cherished memories, allowing you to reminisce in years to come.

Remember to be creative with it, capturing your family taking part in different activities over spring. Use different settings of your loved ones; in a meadow, running through a forest or even sitting under the shade of tree whilst reading a book.

You could even let your kids take photographs whilst their out playing with their friends. After all, letting your children get involved with photography allows you to see so much more.

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