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Spring Photo Contest Results

Spring Competition Winner Announcement

The time has flown by and it’s almost summer, meaning it’s time to announce the winners of my Spring Time Photo competition! The time has now come to pick the winners.  Here are the top 10 images awarded.

Launched way back in March, I've been looking forward to going through all the amazing photos you've sent in.  It was really difficult choosing a winner as so many of you entered such wonderful photographs, capturing the spirit of spring perfectly.  In fact it was so difficult after narrowing my selection to 20 shots I enlisted the help of my 20 year old son and his 2 female friends to pick the top 10 awarded images. All winners were chosen without any names or knowledge of the photographers.

Before I list the top 10 images chosen, thank you to everyone who entered.  There were 43 participants with 86 images to choose from so a big thank you to everyone and congratulations to those who were placed in the top ten.

So here are the winners of my Spring Time Photo Competition!

Click on any image to see it full screen

1st Place – Ian Leyland

Feeding the family

Caption:  The Robin feeding his family and taking advantage of my Springtime time gardening endeavours.

Technical: ISO 800, F6.3, 1/640 shot at 240mm on a Nikon 70-300mm, Nikon D700

Congratulations Ian you have won top spot and a 1 day location photography workshop of your choice.

The Robin is officially the UK nations favourite bird - friendly, bright and always within a few feet of you in the garden - Ian has captured the spirit of this little beauty wonderfully with the bug in its beak and that slightly crooked tilt of the head.  Ian has used aperture to control the depth of focus beautifully showing great detail in the Robin's plumage, a sharp eye and eliminating any distracting background with the soft focus from the wide aperture. 

2nd Place – Gary Parker


Caption:  taken at the Wales National Botanical Garden for Wales in May. One of my first Macro attempts with my new lens!

Technical: ISO 640, F9, 1/1000, Shot at 100mm on Nikon 100mm F2.8 Macro, Nikon D7100

Congratulations on 2nd place! Gary has won 3 hours of 1:2:1 tuition with myself so I can’t wait to meet them and seeing how I can help him develop his photography skills even more!

I can't profess to know type of butterflies these are but am sure someone more informed will post a comment and let us all know.  Gary has also demonstrated great use of a shallow depth of focus ensuring his subject is sharp and differenitated from any background distraction.  Using a macro lens is great for close up details and it always surprises people just how small an aperture you have to use to get front to back focus - in this case F9 gave sharp details on the the stem, and most of the two butterflies - F14-F16 would have resulted in either greater sharpness of all the butterflies but at the risk of either movement from the subject or compromising ISO noise further.  A great shot Gary and well presented being slightly off centre giving us a clear passage through the image from right to left.

3rd Place – Jean MacDonald

Brood of Cygnets

Caption: Taken whilst staying at a Huf house in Staffordshire. There was a lake outside and the cygnets would visit each morning!

Technical: No data provided.

Congratulations on 3rd place! Jean has won 2 months of my on-line photography mentoring programme where I can hopefully help her develop even more knowledge in photography.

You can see why this image got the awwwwww from the two female judges - though I have to confess that even I think they look pretty cute!  The cygnets are a wonderful symbol of springtime.  This image has also executed the use of a shallow depth of focus, great focus and sharpness and tight and sensitive framing like the 1st and 2nd place images.  What also makes this image special is the lovely sunlight on their heads and backs and a few water drops on their breasts.  Couple with some endearing expressions it's hard to not like this fluffy bundle!

The next 3 images all received Highly Commended - unfortunately no prize this time but very close to being placed in the top 3 and beautiful images, very well done.

Fresh morning poppies

Highly Commended - Irina Kupriyanova - 

First steps in Bluebell Woods

Highly Commended - Ian Leyland

Little Lilli-Maes first time exploring the Bluebell woods.


Highly Commended: Ian Crowson

Study of tulip. Image taken in doors using natural light

The next 4 images were all Commended and complete the results for the top ten images - 

Commended: Tara Bowers 

Commended: Ian Crowson

Commended: Joyce James

All 4 images show great creativity, skill and clear craftsmanship of composition and really making the subject do the work and hold the limelight.  Well done to all 4 of you for sharing and presenting such wonderful natural beauty.

Commended: Matthew Edenbrow

Thank you to all those that entered! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the different ways you expressed the season of spring through photography. If you didn't win, don’t worry as I have already launched the next photo contest.  Summertime -  

Congratulations to all the winners and I’ll I hope the next competition is just as exciting as this one was!

Please feel free to add your comments below to share your views on the images chosen and feel free to share this and encourage your friends to join in the fun, it's free and you never know you or they might win a prize next time.