Sell Your Images On-Line

Sell Your Images On-Line
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Artist Galleries

Would you like a webpage to display your images and share with friends and family and maybe even sell prints along the way?

I am pleased to announce that I am now providing an on-line gallery for individual artists to host their images to share and sell through my Fine Art Prints site.

Take a look here:

You too could have a portfolio of work in your own gallery like Jacki.

Key Points

  • Any sales of prints etc. are all commission free so you get 100% of the proceeds

  • All order fulfilment is done automatically by One Vision so you don’t even have to do any administration or sort out orders – the customer orders and One Vision fulfil and dispatch it

  • You will receive payment for any sales made within 7 days of the order being placed.

  • Low investment cost to have an on-line photo gallery and sell work without paying for prints up front

  • AR provides web platform, e-commerce facility, image uploads and gallery configuration

  • Lots of variety in products and prints for photos – all automated and e-commerce

  • Site already has large volume of traffic visiting so this is a win/win for me and artist

The cost and your side of things

Rather than introduce a commission model, I am charging on two elements so that I get some reimbursement for my time etc.

  1. Year Service Fee for having an online gallery - £30 – Payable up front – this gives you 12 months on my site

  2. A fee based on the number of images the artist wants to put in the gallery page for sale.

  • 1-10 images - £15 (£1.50 per image)

  • 11-30 images - £40 (£1.38 per image)

  • 31-50 images £60 (1.20 per image)

  • 51-100 images £95 (0.95 per image)

I can provide some customisation of each gallery page in terms of layout’s but want to restrict this so the site remains consistent for visitors.

If you are interested in this then please email me back and I can send you instructions for uploading images and further details:

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