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#SaveChesterton Update

The Government Inspector who carried out an examination of Stratford District Council (SDC) Core Strategy which covers the proposed 3,000 house, new town,  near Chesterton Windmill has published his interim report.

FORSE the leaders of the campaign opposing the proposed development have published a short summary of key points from the interim report.  I copy the contents of that summary below.  As argued all along by those opposed to the development, the Inspector considers the Core Strategy unsound and has therefore asked for  further work to be conducted by the council before his examination can conclude.

This is a great result at this stage and the campaigning has undoubtedly raised awareness and enabled a robust set of arguments to be presented to the Inspector.  The battle is not over of course but this does represent an initial victory in so much as it forces SDC to conduct a proper assessment and justify the exclusion of alternative sites.