#savechesterton - Courier front page

The Leamington Courier dedicated its front page to the Save Chesterton campaign yesterday - 12th Sep 2014.  On-line version

This is great for raising awareness locally but we can not rest on that alone.

We need to galvanise support from all over to stop the development of 3,000 houses in view of this historic site of national importance.

We need to raise 100,00 signatures on the e-petition by March 2015 to try and get the issue debated in the House of Commons.

Therefore your support is essential.


Please sign the e-petition today. Don't stop there - share the links on your own networks with friends and family so we raise awareness and build a campaign to let Stratford District Council, our MP's and the developers know that we do not want this site being ruined forever.

save chesterton

save chesterton

save chesterton