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Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Open

Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Open
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The Save Chesterton Art Exhibition is now open and looking great.  Over 20 artists displaying photographs, water colours, chalk drawings and sculptures of Chesterton Windmill are on public display at the Arts Gallery, Regent Court, Livery Street, Leamington Spa.

Today's Leamington Courier also covered the event which coincides with the independent government inspectors examination of the proposed GLH housing development.

Leamington Courier

The BBC Warwickshire website has also carried a feature on the campaign to oppose the housing development near Chesterton Windmill

Full article available here: BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Feature

The exhibition runs until 1st Feb and is open 7 days a week 11am-6pm.  Members of the public can vote for their top 3 favourite pieces of art and win a signed limited edition Chesterton Windmill print and the winning artist will receive a free solo exhibition with the Art Trail Gallery.

The independent examination is now on day 3 and Stratford District Council appear to be under extreme pressure as challenges to the viability, due-diligence and reasoning of the proposed development have been put under the microscope.

It is reported that:

The Inspector invited them to review their strategic objectives, he even told them that they could cut their losses and ask for a preliminary report from him before they continue with abortive work!

 Arts Trail Studios

Arts Trail Studios

Whilst the inspector reviews all the various aspects of the SDC proposals we need to continue the momentum of getting signatures and raising awareness of this flawed proposal.  There is no better way to do that than by visiting the exhibition where any proceeds will be donated towards the campaign to oppose this plan - in addition we need your vote by signing the e-petition today.   

 Chesterton Art Exhibition

Chesterton Art Exhibition