Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Ends

Save Chesterton Art Exhibition Ends
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

The art exhibition from artists in Warwickshire has now come to an end after being extended for an additional week due to demand and popularity.  The exhibition was organised at short notice but despite the limited time for artists and people to provide works of art and visit the exhibition it was very succesful and well received.

During the 5 week exhibition:

  • Over 1,000 people visited the exhibition
  • Over 100 people attended the VIP private viewing.
  • 500 signatures were added to the on-line e-petition
  • 50 unique pieces of art from drawings, paintings, sculptures, models and photographs were exhibited from 35 different artists.
  • Over £500 was raised for the campaign to oppose the GLH housing development
  • Over 5 different articles appeared in the press and ITV did a news feature for Central News

In addition to the above, there were many positive comments and messages of support for the campaign and works of art of Chesterton Windmill.

The Peoples Choice

Anthony Hopkins - bARLEY tRACKS

Anthony Hopkins - bARLEY tRACKS

Over 600 votes were cast over the 5 week exhibition.  The image with the most votes goes to Anthony Hopkins for his encapsulating image "Barley Tracks".  Congratulations to Anthony who wins a free solo exhibition for himself with the Arts Trail Studios.

Congratulations to two of my own students, Lynsey Melville and Paul Stobbs who came 2nd and 3rd respectively of artists displaying work.

The member of public drawn from the pot of votes is Sarah Sawbridge who will be ordering her framed signed Chesterton Windmill image from the Arts Trail this weekend.

Thank you

Firstly to all the artist's for producing such great work that was inspired by Chesterton Windmill and for putting your work in the exhibition to show your support for the campaign.  It was good to see that over 25% of work on display showed the proposed area of landscape that would in future be spoilt and detract from this iconic rural location.

I would also like to thank The Arts Trail Studio's and specifically Gerry and Lilly for all their support and efforts to make this a successful exhibition.  Thank you to Peter Reading from the Save Chesterton Windmill campaign and to all the members of FORSE for providing materials, information and helping us to bring greater awareness to the plight of Chesterton Windmill.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that whilst the government inspector has finished the public hearings, and we await his interim report in mid March, we still have work to do to raise funds, signatures on the e-petition and build awareness.  I will be talking to the other campaigning groups soon to see how we can further support these aims. I'll let you know how you can help in due course but please keep fighting on and keep pushing the e-petition with your friends, family and on your social networks.  Thank you.