Update on gaining a Photographic Qualification - RPS

Update on gaining a Photographic Qualification - RPS
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Are you interested in gaining a photographic distinction?

The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. 

Having supported many clients through a journey of development and improvement, with their photography, over the past few years, I was aware that there is a growing group who have considered and are interested in going for an accreditation with the RPS.  Therefore I launched the RPS Group in February 2018.

I am biting my nails for four/five of my clients that have assessments coming up in July.

I shouldn’t be biting any nails as all of them have produced panels of excellent technical quality and in my view meet the criteria and standard required for LICENTIATE OF THE RPS (LRPS) if not better. My clients will, undoubtedly, tell you that I have set the bar high for all of them, so there is not too much doubt in my mind. I am confident that all of them will easily pass their assessments but of course I cannot guarantee anything. Other than my meticulous and scrutinising eye to ensure that the images are presented to the best of their potential but there is still always that subjective view that any judge may apply. All of the candidates have also gone through an independant RPS advisory session so have already been given feedback and advice on their panels and thumbs up that they are ready for submission.

I will share the results post July 3rd/4th in a separate blog but with 4/5 people finishing this stage of their course it opens up vacancies for another 5 people to enrol on this RPS mentoring programme. I will only take on 12 clients at a time on this course so that each candidate gets the chance to receive maximum support, input and tuition throughout the six classes. I have also continued to prepare and provide many videos, guidance notes on aspects of image management, editing and printing as part of this course so you can be rest assured you won’t just be attending/engaging in six classes with me,

Below are a sample of panels that are going forward for the LRPS Assessment in July. I wish all of them the success they deserve and worked hard to achieve, Whatever the outcome I am proud of all of them and what they have learnt through the process of presenting a body of work.

Paul Kirby

Joyce James

Anne Watkinson

Alistair Willis - Not final layout

If you are interested in joining this course and giving yourself a target to work on an image collection for RPS Distinction please get in touch to discuss or just book online. You can enrol at any time and join a class to suit your pace and availability.

Future RPS Class Dates:  RPS Classes


Requires 10 images which reflect your ability as a photographer.


Requires a body of work/project of 15 images of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent.

I have previously supported a few clients in achieving their distinctions - Mike Ford so have experience of providing the mentoring and tuition to help you achieve this goal.  Additionally, my own experience and knowledge mean I am well positioned to offer insight and guide you through the process.

Distinction Group - Cost and Commitment

  • You will sign up for six classes within a twelve month period.

  • There will be an option to extend for more than six classes or a longer period if you need a bit of extra time and support

  • Just let me know what class dates you would like to attend, as you know and have work to review.

  • Aim for at least 10 new images for each class or if we have already agreed on certain images for your panel you may attend with revised edited versions plus any new work to be reviewed.

  • The cost £395 for the 12 months of classes/support.

Distinction Group - Format and Tuition

  • Small group setting at my home - Coventry

  • Images projected on to large TV screen

  • Dropbox used for updated portfolios and images

  • Group collaboration and sharing

  • 2hr-2.5hrs - 7pm - 9:30pm on monthly basis - Option to attend/leave when it suits you

  • Advice on an individual basis throughout

  • Support for panel ideas, layout and coherence

  • Technical and creative critique with suggestions for improvement

  • Support for L and A panel submissions process

  • Support for DPI or Printing quality and formats

  • Support for RPS Advisory Days

Next Steps

  1. Consider if an RPS Distinction is something you want to achieve

  2. Consider if you can commit to up to six classes over the next 12 months

  3. Consider if you can make the time to shoot the images needed for a panel

  4. Consider the benefits of being in a distinctions group and collaborating/learning

  5. Consider how this process will develop you and your photographic skills/knowledge

If you feel answered positively to those five considerations then this is a good opportunity for you to enrol in this programme.

Just email/phone me to register your interest so I can discuss the level of interest, suitability of your work to date and confirm the timescales and next steps for you to sign up! 

I look forward to hearing from everyone and happy to take on board any suggestions on format and frequency etc.



RPS Mentoring Photography Course
from 25.00

You can enrol/start anytime you wish, subject to availability. You will select six classes as you go through the twelve months.

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