Register Your Interest - Event Information

Register Your Interest - Event Information
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I am pleased to announce that the Register Interest in an event has now been implemented on all course and workshop event pages.

What does it do?

It enables you to register your interest in any event(s).  This doesn't commit you to the event it just notifies me that you are potentially interested in that event and automatically adds you to a list of people for that event so that I can see the demand.

Why should I register my interest?

Running an event based business is dependant on having sufficient demand.  Second guessing, using past experience, of course, contributes to how I schedule and plan the courses and possible workshop locations.  However, this could be improved if I had lists of people who have indicated an interest in a particular location or course event.   

If you browse through the events and register your interest in any event that you like the sound of it will help me to plan and be more certain of demand and hopefully avoid cancellations and re-scheduling.

How do I register interest?

  1. Click on the orange pill-shaped button on the event
  2. A pop-up window will appear for you to complete your name and other details
  3. The form automatically picks up the event page you were on so passes the Event Date, Title etc automatically with the form.
  4. You do not need to enter a message but can do if you need or want to,
  5. Click orange Submit button

What happens after I have registered my interest?

  • An email is sent to me with the event and your details
  • Your interest is added to a list of registered interest events
  • I will contact you to let you know of demand/availability and answer any questions you may have about the event.
  • Registering interest is not a booking of the event or reserving a place. 
  • If I have clients already booked for the event I will advise and discuss the options to book your place.
  • If I do not have clients booked, I will notify you as soon as a client books so you have the opportunity to make a booking.

Should I continue to book an event as before?

  • Yes absolutely, if you are certain you want to attend and guarantee your place for any event then you should just book the event online and make payment as before.

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