Reflections - Mentoring AssignmentII

Reflections - Mentoring AssignmentII
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

The assignment for those on the monthly mentor programme this month was reflection.  I deliberately wanted to challenge the thinking to go beyond just taking photos of obvious reflections though of course images depicting that are also valid.  

However, as part of the on-going development of each person on the programme we strive to make an image that also communicates our personal interpretation of a subject - so on that level photos showing subjects just simply reflecting in water, glass and other surfaces probably doesn't do much to differentiate our images from anyone else that was in the same place.  Sure, camera craft can mean that we have technically executed well but so what?

Photography surely means more than just good camera craft or a great lens and depth of field - so for me the challenge is to encourage and stretch my students to make images that say more about the technique, equipment used or processing involved and try to create an image that speaks at a deeper level - an image that possibly stirs the imagination, creates and emotional connection or simply makes us appreciate and marvel at something.

This is certainly not easy to achieve and it of course the mark of a good artist that can consistently work in that creative zone and break away from the tried tested compositions, subjects and methods that are all to common these days.

This months images were reviewed and discussed with that single purpose above all else in mind, a raising of the bar to really encourage the need for time spent on subjects and the reason for making the image rather than simply completing an assignment.

Below is a varied selection of images from those participating that i felt represented all the types of images submitted this month.

Jean MacDonald

Phillipa Thurgur

Matthew Battison

Ian Crowson


Con McHugh

Kirsten Pearce

Matthew Battison

If you are interested in joining in the monthly photographic assignments please sign up to the photography mentoring programme.  You can start and stop whenever you want and at just £20 for a month it's a great way to develop your photography skills with my support and input without having to attend a class or location to receive instruction and advice.

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