Poppy photography Workshop

Poppy photography Workshop
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Summer is not far away (21st June) and the first visual sign of summer in the UK are the flowering of poppies. I am not talking about the cultivated variety in garden centres that you place in the garden but the naturalised wild red poppies.

wild poppies

Finding locations for field(s) of red poppies is always difficult and over the years of running workshops in these locations has been challenging with locating them, timing the workshop and of course the weather leading up to that period and then during it. However, despite those challenges I have always tried to keep them as part of my photography workshop experiences and opportunities. I, obviously, can’t guarantee any of the variables that affect the timing but I can guarantee to try and provide you with the best locations and opportunities to photograph them.

This year I have listed four dates with 6 workshops slots, all 2.5hrs each around the official start of the summer solstice.

Max of 6 places per workshop


  1. Wed 19th Jun 5 am to 7:30 am

  2. Wed 19th Jun 7:15 pm to 9:45 pm

  3. Thu 20th th Jun 5 am to 7:30 am

  4. Fri 21st Jun 5 am to 7:30 am

  5. Fri 21st Jun 7:15 pm to 9:45 pm

  6. Sat 22nd Jun 5 am to 7:30 am

Don't delay your decision to participate in one of natures highlights of the year, the workshops are limited to a max of 6 people and 1-2-1 tuition is provided throughout so whatever level you are you are able to join in, experience and learn in this majestic setting.  Location details are only emailed out to those who sign up (this is to protect the identity of the location) For planning purposes I can tell you it is Worcestershire, near to Kidderminster

Poppy Field Photography Workshops

poppy field landscape photography workshop - Choose a sunrise or sunset 2.5hrs photo shoot at amazing poppy fields in Worcestershire

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