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Photography Workshop in Scotland

St Andrew’s Day – Celebrating the Best of Scottish Photography

St Andrew’s Day has passed us by and what better way to pay homage to such a beautiful country than by highlighting the photography that takes place there every day.

As a landscape photographer, I know all too well how marvellous of a subject the hills, lakes, and wildlife of Scotland are and how captivated photographers can be with such sights. You can even see prints of my landscape photography in my shop.

The beauty of Scotland is vast

For those of us that have visited Scotland before, we all know how barren in terms of human interaction parts of the landscape can be. This leaves an expansive space of natural splendour and delights, tempting the avid photographer to lose themselves in its wonders.

Photographers always manage to find new locations, angles and subjects for their photography and Scotland provides a multitude of possibilities. All you have to do is look for them; you never know, you might have already found one.

The wildlife is breath-taking

The UK is known for its wide variety of wildlife and a great deal of it can be found in the varied landscapes of Scotland. Deer, otters, seals and even dolphins call Scotland their home; they're just asking to be the subject of your latest photographic project.

Capture the life that makes Scotland the place it is today as it entices more and more creative minds to take to the hills and preserve moments of magnificence of natural Scottish wildlife.

Modern Scotland is just as beautiful

Even though the natural landscapes of Scotland are beautiful, you can still find beauty in the manmade landscapes of Scottish culture. The city life of Scotland is truly a delight and can

Photography of a modern and bustling Scotland allows us to gain a glimpse into life as a Scottish citizen, letting us tell the stories that can't be expressed into words alone. Just how the glimmer of a Scottish stream is beautiful, the glimmer of lights in a Scottish city is equally as magnificent.

Scotland is the perfect place for any photographer, regardless of skill, to explore and find their inner artist. It can allow you to interpret your surroundings however you wish.

If you've been enticed by the splendour of Scotland, next year I'll be running a 6 Day Landscape Photography Workshop in Scotland!  See the wonders of the magnificent country yourself as we embark on a journey of stunning photography whilst honing your skills. You can join me for the whole week or just a day or any combination to suit you.  Contact Alan for more information.