Photograph of the month - Jan 2018

Photograph of the month - Jan 2018
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January Photo of the Month

I had decided to discontinue this monthly post of my own personal favourite image, I've taken each month throughout the year.  However, some feedback in the last week asking me why I hadn't posted anything and commenting that they really enjoyed the post, has meant I'll continue with it.  Though I would like feedback every now and then to blog posts, otherwise, it feels I am creating posts without any interest from you folks.

So here is January's and I'll post February's later next week as we are expecting snow here in Coventry from Tuesday onwards so I don't want to regret picking too early.

Frozen Ferns

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Frozen Fern Leaves

January's image was taken on the first weekend in January (7th).  Early January is always a great time for frost and if lucky fog.

I was at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve (Coventry) for the first workshop of 2018, a short 2.5hr lesson on looking for winter photography interest.

These fern leaves, coated in frost, represent the classic winter close-up and transition from autumn with all of it's splendour and colour to the magic of winter temperatures and decaying plant life.  What can seem like a downtime in the photography calendar is actually an opportunity to create images that are unique to this time of year?   Often, the textures, shapes, patterns and sometimes colours can be at their best when the weather throws up a transformation in appearance.

Seeing the shapes and appearance of leaves is the first level of beauty but the shift in colour temperature from top left, where the leaves are not frozen to the bottom right has created this lovely transformation in warmth to cold tone and the main diagonal artery is sugar-coated in frost icicles.

ISO 100, Focal Length 180mm, F14 @ 1.3 secs, tripod, polarising filter and custom white balance.

RAW on left, processed on right

The raw image was processed in Adobe Lightroom.