Online Photography Mentoring – Benefits

Online Photography Mentoring – Benefits
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On-line Photography Mentoring – Benefits Beyond Tuition

The online photography mentoring programme is suitable for any level of photographer and camera.  The assignments, support and feedback are personal to you and provided on a one to one basis.

The question is, what do you get from online photography mentoring that’s different from attending a workshop or signing up to a course?

Work At Your Own Pace In Your Own Way

One great thing about online photography mentoring is that you aren't tied down by targets for development and are free to grow your skills at your own pace. You don’t have the pressure of surpassing your peers as each student can interpret and apply the assignment to a subject or style of their own choice.

Photography is such a broad art that there really isn't a wrong way to go about taking photos. If you’re doing something you love, you’re already doing it right!

Still Life Assignment - by Caroline Gee

Still Life Assignment - by Caroline Gee

Still Life Assignment - By Louise Harris

Still Life Assignment - By Louise Harris

Photographic mentoring gives you the freedom to approach your work however you see fit. Whether you choose to engage in photography outdoors or indoors, you’re free to interpret each month’s chosen theme in whatever way you desire, letting your creativity take the lead.

Receive Support During Your Journey

No matter how many months you decide to take part in my online photography mentoring programmes, I’ll be available to offer support and guidance on how to best show your creativity through the photos you make.

Even if you choose to discontinue the programme at some point you can receive image reviews whenever you need it with the Image Review & Feedback Service.  This service enables you to submit any images you have taken for personal review and feedback.

Feedback isn’t always critical however. It’s easy enough to criticise our own work and not recognise the wonderful shots we create. That’s why having feedback from a professional is so important; allowing them to highlight not only your weaknesses but your strengths as well.

No matter what skill level you are, we all need feedback on our photographs so we can determine how we can become even better photographers.

If you sign up to 6 months of online photography mentoring before April 15th, you’ll receive a gift of your choice worth £25! Online photography mentoring can even be utilised in the Pick & Mix packages I offer, saving you up to 20% on booking prices!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of online photographic mentoring that go beyond classroom and location based tuition!