One Dominant Colour Contest Results

One Dominant Colour Contest Results
Alan Ranger Photography(44)

A big thank you to all of you who entered the monthly themed contest for September - One Dominant Colour.

There were 37 valid entries from 15 entrants. I did receive a handful of other entries but the filename(s) were not correctly renamed so they couldn’t be identified. Check the Entries Panel to see if yours was included or not. If you don’t see your image it means you did not upload, rename your filename or the entry form was not completed - sorry for your troubles.

I had said that there had to be a minimum of 25 participants for it to proceed but as this is the first competition I have waived this term this time round.

Hopefully, more people will enter the next competition, remember it’s FREE

New Theme for the Month of October is;

Autumn Leaves - Details here: Closing Date 15th November 23:00

Autumn is here and all around us until 21st December. Most people associate Autumn with colour and in particular the vivid mixture of orange, yellow, red and brown or a tasty mixture of them all. So dig out your images from your back portfolio, or better still go out with your camera and create new images that represent the colour, smell and richness of autumn through leaves.

Would all awarded entrants email or phone me for details on how to claim their prize.

All awarded images have been added to the client gallery.

Competition Entries


Winner - Francis Peckham

A lovely use of precise focusing and controlling the depth of field, background and minimal colour to help the frog really stand out. Well done Francis. Francis wins a £50 gift voucher.

Francis Peckham - Green

Runner Up - John Seely

A beautiful and sensitive image of the rose by John. Great use of aperture and lighting to create this dreamy multi layered composition of the red rose. Well done John. John wins a £30 voucher.

John Seely - Red

Third Place - Claire Finch

A magical sunlit image of wheat reminds us all of those glorious warm sunny days gone by. Lovely focus and haze that makes us all imagine being there with you. Well done Claire. Claire wins a £20 voucher.

Claire Finch - Gold

Highly Commended x 3

Well done all. Each Highly Commended wins a free annual membership of the Alan Ranger Facebook Forum.

Janie Chapman - Highly Commended

Wonderful motion and texture in this abstract image, well done.

Janie Chapman - Blue

Lynn Welsher - Highly Commended

Great use of repeating shapes, patterns/textures, well done.

Lynn Welsher - purple

Sarah Moore - Highly Commended

Great mix of shades of purple and mauve and shallow depth of field. Well done.

Sarah Moore - Purple